Radicals or Moderates: what’s the difference?

Reacting with contempt over calls for more muslim cooperation in identifying extremists in their community, muslims take offense at the idea that they are expected to rat out fellow muslims. (Barenaked: See, there really is no difference between muslims and radical muslims)

Military Muzz

Teaching Muslims how to shoot their German colleagues ….in the back.

 EU Border Checks:

EU leaders are making it easier to re-introduce border checks in the Schengen zone, the EU’s borderless, passport-free area. France and Denmark have already tightened up border controls with their neighbors specifically because of the Arab revolutions and the ensuing flow of illegal aliens into Southern Europe. (Barenaked: EU to introduce stricter border controls to stem the flow of muslim invaders)



PVV aide suspended for ‘scum’ comment

Why was Sarkozy not arrested for his racaille comments then? Continue reading

Cry me a river:

Netherlands: Turks accuse police of brutality, racism, in death of detainee

The children, the children:

Belgium: Moroccans against use of children in Palestine campaign

 Organizers accused of cultivating hate and antisemitism, Continue reading


Burqa ban starting July 23rd

Belgium will enforce a burqa ban from July 23 with a fine and possible jail time for women who wear it, joining France as the second EU nation to forbid full veils, Belgian media said Thursday.  Via AFP

“No evidence”

Bunglawussi spins it:  Breastfeeding is banned – it offends Muslims

5 thoughts on “EUrabia”

  1. Inflammatory language? Though I stand with the PVV, I do not believe that they should have suspended this aide.

    Hey, if rioters and other lawbreakers (Islamic or otherwise) want to be referred to in polite language, how about if they stop behaving in a subhuman manner?

  2. Here’s another thought: Normal people in non-Muslim countries never go outside with bags over their heads, nor do they pressurize others to do that. Normal people in the non-Muslim world sleep on their bed linens – they never dress up in them!

    Wearing the burqa in a non-Muslim country or territory has nothing to do with modesty, which is all about avoiding undue attention. Instead, it’s all about CONFRONTATION. Until it’s too late, you never know who (man, woman, criminal, terrorist) or what (BOMBS) is under those sheets. The burqa is an unacceptable security risk. That is why I am in favor of banning the burqa.

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