Its tough to be a cop in Afghanistan

Afghanistan: ‘Seven police’ killed shot dead after being poisoned by colleague

Ah yes, the humanity of the Taliban. All we need to do is separate the radicals from the militants and smoke the peace-pipe with them. Right?    Brought to you by the Religion of Peace.

Kabul, 19 July (AKI) A policeman in southern Afghanistan has killed seven of his colleagues by first giving them poison before shooting them dead.

“They are enemies of Allah’s religion.  Allah orders us to kill.”  The Taliban take care of a bit of house-cleaning ahead of  proposed peace talks by the West: in this case, lining up and   brutally executing sixteen captured policemen in cold blood.

The attack happened in Lashkargah, which is the capital of Helmand province, according to news reports.
The policemen were reportedly having lunch in their barracks when they were killed. The Taliban claimed responsibility for the incident, saying the killing was carried out by an agent working with the insurgency.

Evidence: The Taliban finish each man off with a bullet to the head

Separately, in neighbouring Pakistan, the Taliban have released a video showing the execution of 16 policemen.

The victims are shown with their hands tied behind their backs before gunmen open fire on them.

 Lets treat them good so they treat our boys good too, right?