Norway: Youth Camp Shooting Leaves 20 – 25 Dead

MASS SHOOTING ON ISLAND NEAR OSLO – Shooter Dressed as Policeman Targets Youth Camp! …Update: Suspect Arrested …Update: Reports of 20-25 Dead

Sounds like a ‘revert’

First an Explosion in Oslo – Now this…
A mass shooting at a youth camp near Oslo. (GWP)

An aerial view of Utoya Island, Norway taken Thursday, July 21, 2011. Police say they are sending anti-terror police to a youth camp outside Oslo after reports of a shooting there following the bomb blast at the government headquarters. (Global)

A man dressed in a police uniform opened fire on children tday at a youth camp.
The Mirror reported:

Five people have reportedly been shot at a youth meeting near Oslo, hours after a bomb rocked the Norwegian capital killing at least two people.

Armed police have been sent to Utoya island, 500 miles from Oslo, following reports that a man, dressed as a policeman, opened fire on the young people attending the camp run by the Labour Party.

A spokesman for Norway’s Labour Party says a gunman opened fire at the party’s youth camp outside Oslo, shooting several people following the bomb blast at the government headquarters in the capital.

UPDATE: Am Islamist group took credit for the bombing today.

More…. The shooter looks Norwegian. Blond hair. 4 Dead!

UPDATE: The suspect was arrested. Several of the children dove into the water for protection.

UPDATE: Police say the two attacks, the bombing today in Oslo and the shooting at the youth camp, are connected.

UPDATE: An eyewitness said they saw 20-25 bodies on the ground. Says at least 20 are dead.

UPDATE: An eyewitness has reported bodies of people who had been shot floating in the water.

11 thoughts on “Norway: Youth Camp Shooting Leaves 20 – 25 Dead”

  1. “opened fire on children today at a youth camp.”

    Like in Beslan, when they took 700 children hostage.

    This is beyond your average evil.

  2. WAIT FOLKS!! I suspect a revert as well, but let the experts do their work, and then we will know. If muslims planned and executed this outrage, then muslims must pay full price – muslims will have then chosen war and we will have to see it through.

  3. Police press conference NOW

    It should be obvious that the police are searching for more persons even though this one person has been taken into custody

    Police maintains
    – Keep off of official buildings
    – Don’t gather in bigger groups
    – Stay out of the city center

  4. Journalist: Are we under attack from the outside?
    Police: So far, we have only caught one Norwegian

  5. Norwegians now saying Oslo attack by “extreme right,” not jihadists

    Because the shooter at the Utoya youth camp was Norwegian. No one seems to be wondering whether or not he is a convert.

    “Experts point to the extreme-right,” a translation of an article from Nyheder, July 22:

    The man in police uniform who shot wildly around on Utøya is Norwegian. – It is highly possible that this may be linked to the extreme-right, says Professor Tore Bjørgo at the Police Academy.
    Most experts have earlier today speculated that radical Islamist groups or terrorist organizations are behind the bomb in the city center and the shooting at Utøya, where a number of people confirmed killed.

    But all indications are that this is not international terrorism.

    Police earlier this evening arrested a man who is tall, blond and spoke eastern dialect. Based on the observations that the police believe the man has been arrested after the shooting at Utøya, can also be linked to the attack on government building.

    At a press conference late Friday night confirming Justice Minister Knut Storberget that the arrested perpetrator is Norwegian….

    Police earlier in the evening received tips about sightings of a Nordic-looking man in police uniform in a brown van outside the government building. Later a man dressed as a policeman opened fire at Utøya an hour later, killing ten people.

    Professor Tore Bjørgo at the Police College said earlier tonight that these bloody attacks can come from other communities than Islamist – not least because witnesses Utøya says that the man who shot at people wearing police clothes, had a Nordic look. In addition, the attack directed against a political youth organization….

    The renowned Swedish terrorism expert Magnus Ranstorp said earlier today that this appeared to be Al Qaeda’s work. Later he changed his mind.

    – Had it only been a bombing, it would be natural to connect it to Islamic extremism. Now we have shootings at the Labour Party’s youth as well, and it changes the whole picture, says Searches Torp to the Swedish news agency TT.

    He believes that this simply may be a single crazy person’s work, he says.

    – It’s a very strange device if you are inspired by al-Qaeda and attack on a youth camp in this way, he says.

    Bjørgo at the police college says that the action is reminiscent of a bomb attack in Oklahoma City in 1995, where the right-wing extremist Timothy McVeigh killed 168 people by a powerful car bomb.

    Bjørgo said that terrorist attacks may be linked to two to three main suspects environments – and that the extreme right is one of those.

    – It reminds me of Oklahoma City bombing. The scenarios we have seen today, is described in the main, right-wing literature, says Bjørgo.

    He refers to books like “The Turner Diaries” and “Hunter.” The first book deals with a bloody race war, which among other things, the FBI’s headquarters are bombed. McVeigh was wearing a copy of “The Turner Diaries” when he was arrested.

    – If it is true that the perpetrator had a Nordic look, this increases the credibility of the extreme right can be left behind, says Bjørgo.

    He would not speculate on how likely this is.

    – This will most likely clarify rather soon, says Bjørgo….

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