Second Hand Virgins

Can’t they just wait until they enter Muhammad’s X-rated paradise?

Mail-Order Hymens Available, by Kris Sims

An update from this:

Women who cannot afford to get their hymens surgically re-attached in Canada prior to marriages in their cultural country of origin have a less expensive option: they can order one in the mail.

Starting at just $29.95, women can order a false hymen online, shipped from China.

The imports are officially banned in many Middle Eastern and North African countries, but women in North America and Great Britain are a fertile market.

“We have many urgent requests from women, begging us for urgent delivery before their wedding night,” says Mike Munro, with the The online store opened in March 2010, and sells a couple thousand per month.

“There are some cultural notions out there that the ordinary person cannot just challenge and try and change them without paying a very dear price and in some case with their own lives.”

In Canada, some young women from predominantly Muslim backgrounds are desperate to appear as virgins, fearing they could be killed by their families if they do not have an intact hymen on their marriage beds after arranged marriages in their cultural home countries.

Some are getting plastic surgery in Canadian private clinics to re-attach their hymens.

The mail-order version is a thin film containing a packet of red fluid. The website advises to insert the film 20 minutes prior to sex in order to mimic the breaking of the hymen and showing the required “blood.”

The parcels come with alternate markings from generic sounding companies, evading interception.

“Woman belonging to these sorts of cultures will have to work around these notions if they wish to have a safe and ‘normal’ family lives and we provide them with this opportunity.” says Munro.

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  1. … a couple of THOUSAND hymens a month?!? What, don’t these people follow their religion to the letter? Strange. And how do they manage to do it, what with fathers, brothers and uncles following their every move. Oh dear, what am I thinking? It is of course the brothers, fathers and uncles who have taken the hymen in the first place.

  2. This is a great business idea for here in the US. This story is sure to piss off CAIR, ISNA and other muslim brotherhood organizations. Just a hymen marketing brochure will get the muslims blood boiling. Let’s see CAIR and ISNA try to stop the selling of Hymens in the US to these muslim so called virgins. Muslim virgin hymen cartoons are in order. “Everybody Draw A muslim Hymen Day” is also in order. Or “Everybody send a muslim hymen day.

  3. more proof of the lascivious nature of Islam. The more the people know, the more repulsed they will become by this iniquitous cult. Knowledge is power.


    A French Court has annulled a muslim marriage based upon the husband’s claim that the wife was not a virgin. A further descent into full-fledged chaos i.e. Eurabia.

    Excerpts from (Reuters) – “France plunged into a heated debate about its marriage laws on Friday after learning that a court had annulled the union of two Muslims because the husband said the wife was not the virgin she had claimed to be.”

    “The hoodwinked husband’s lawyer responded just as forcibly that civil marriage was a legal contract. The court invalidated this one because the wife had lied about what French law calls an “essential quality” of a contracting party, he said.

    “Concerns about traditional Muslim views creeping into secular French law hung over the debate, but the strictly legal basis of the verdict forced critics to ask how two principles — contract fraud and sexual equality — could be reconciled.

    “It is profoundly shocking that, in our country, a marriage can be annulled on the basis of non-virginity before the marriage,” Frederic Lefebvre, spokesman for President Nicolas Sarkozy’s governing UMP party, said in a statement.

    “Prominent feminist Elisabeth Badinter said the courts should defend Muslim women, not pressure them. “The end result will be that some Muslim girls will rush to hospitals to have their hymens sewn back together again,” she told France Inter radio.”

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