Sheikh: Muslims Urged to 'Sub-due the World' via Child-Bearing

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Don’t say I told you so:

“We will conquer your country with the bellies of our women”

Sheikh Kayemba says that the Koran teaches that girls have to get married, produce children and subdue the world. Kayemba, who says he has 23 children so far, has also encouraged his fellow Muslims to produce as many children as possible. (Source)

Defending Pedophilia

“It behooves those who call for setting a minimum age for marriage to fear Allah and not contradict his Sharia.”

UNHRC Speech by David Littman – WUPJ: Violence against women 

Littman reminded “that when it comes to religion one has to respect sensitivities… and understanding…”

4 thoughts on “Sheikh: Muslims Urged to 'Sub-due the World' via Child-Bearing”

  1. They know what they want to do and we know it, so why are our mainstream media and politicians using the Breivik case as a pretext to clampdown on anti-Islamists by seeking to brand us as ‘ne0-Nazis’ and potential terrorists? Witness the hostile interviewing of the English Defence League’s Stephen Lennon/Tommy Robinson on Newsnight yesterday evening:

    He acquitted himself pretty well, rebutting the baseless accusations that the EDL was in any way linked to Breivik.

    Is the Breivik case the multiculturalists’ equivalent of the Reichstag fire? There do seem to be certain similarities. Enter Brevik as Van der Lubbe!

  2. Uganda, described by Churchill as the pearl of Africa in 1900. i used to live there, the one country where all you see is green. Fertile like no other. In 1950 had a population of 6 million prosperous small farmers. Then came independence, Marxists and the Muslims. World food program basket case. 23 million in 2000, 34 million today. Due for another civil war soon, population pressure always brings it on as in Kenya, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia, Burundi, Rwanda all in the same neighbourhood, all equally prolific breeders.

  3. Kayemba, who says he has 23 children so far, has also encouraged his fellow Muslims to produce as many children as possible.

    The population explosion in many Muslim countries has severely exacerbated an already serious problem in the form of Water Poverty. Burgeoning head counts are forcing many MME (Muslim Middle East) countries to divert increasing amounts of crop irrigation resources over to municipal water supplies. The impact of this, as Saudi Arabia realized of late, is a matter of national security.

    The larger issue is domestic food production. Iran recently eclipsed Japan as the world’s SINGLE largest importer of wheat. In fact, the MENA (Middle East North Africa) region is our world’s fastest growing consumer of imported wheat. Irrigating the amount of wheat imported by MENA countries would require the entire annual flow of the river Nile. Effectively, by importing wheat, the MENA nations are importing water.

    If you thought the ongoing wars over oil were bad, just wait until the wars over water begin. Mankind did rather well without gasoline for many thousands of years. Doing without water shortens your lifespan to one week.

    So, go ahead, Muslims. Breed like rabbits if you think that’s smart. Just remember that, someday soon, you may all find yourselves repatriated to your countries of origin. As your pet jihadis continue to stab at the West from Hell’s heart, keep in mind just exactly who it is that exports all of the wheat.

    That would be America, Canada and Australia, the same countries which your colonists and terrorists continue to antagonize at every opportunity.

    So, remember this. Should the triumvirate of wheat exporters decide that it is too much trouble to feed terrorism sponsoring MME countries, you will have all of three short weeks before mass starvation sets in. After enough Islamic terrorist atrocities the civilized world may well wake up one day and simply tell Islam:


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