Somali Pirates Watch

Vlad Tepes presents:

Here’s  a way to battle the Somali pirates now, with minimal US casualties.

Israel, don’t worry about a thing, let the Ham-assed bastards puff and huff:

Hamas: Seizure of Gaza-bound ship is ‘piracy, war crime’

 Hamas on Tuesday condemned the Israeli seizure of the Gaza-bound French shipDignity – Al-Karama, with spokesman Ismail Rudwan describing it as “piracy, a war crime and a violation of the principles of human rights.”

Remember, only Muselmaniacs are human. Jews are the “vilest of creatures” and the “sons of apes & pigs”…..

That’ll help:

For Somali pirate victims, abuse and long captivity

* Attacks, hostage abuse traumatise crews

* Pirates strike deeper, demand higher ransoms

By Peter Apps, Political Risk Correspondent

LONDON, June 6 (Reuters) – Increasingly ferocious attacks by Somali pirates in the Indian Ocean are inflicting a rising human cost with thousands of seafarers suffering physical injury and emotional trauma, a report said on Monday.

Defying international patrols, the pirates have deepened their forays in the strategic waterway, prompting some shipping operators to stay away and others to hire armed guards.

Though relatively few of those who have fallen prey to the pirates have been killed, their captivity was often brutal and protracted. “Thousands of people are subjected to gunfire, confinement, beatings, and in some cases torture in the course of doing their jobs,” said the report, published by a piracy working group including members of the shipping industry and funded by the U.S.-based One Earth Future Foundation.

Assessing the scale of the problem was difficult, the report said, as the vast majority of hostages come from developing countries that do not draw broad international attention. Just 6 percent of them have been from OECD countries.

But a survey of various official and media sources showed that at least 4,185 seafarers had faced a direct attack by pirates with firearms in the Indian Ocean or Gulf of Aden.   Continued…

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  1. That was sooooo funny !
    Thanks, Sheik ! Did you see them run when he opened fire on them. Before that they were such BIG, TOUGH pirates. I liked it when the chimp raised the AK47 over his head in celebration of scaring them off.

  2. Pinch me, this can’t be true:

    There’s a job opening for a “Pirate Cultural Adviser”

    Navies seek Jihadi “Pirate Cultural Adviser”

    The search is on for a “pirate cultural adviser” to help naval commanders understand the jihadi piracy on the coast of Africa. The same foe our founding fathers fought in not one but two Barbary wars — Muslim pirates demanding jiyza (tribute) be paid by non-Muslim countries.

    The idea that these absolute acts of war can be handled by a “pirate cultural adviser” is stunning. As if jihad were cultural. It is imperial, brutal, and absolute. The jihad on the seas should be crushed. That is the only “culture” they understand.

    “The job title may sound ambiguous, but what we are really looking for here is someone who can help us know the enemy better,” said Commander Harry Harrison. You want to understand the enemy better, read their inspiration and their playbook, the quran.

    Atlas reader Daryl opined, “The Age of Aquarius in reality resembles civil life in Somalia. Civilization is a hard-won achievement of a handful of peoples and nations. Men have the responsibility to put their own evil impulses aside and to defend civilized life and the Rule of Law. To abdicate that responsibility is to lose all honor and all humanity.”

    You cannot make this stuff up.

    Navies seek “pirate cultural adviser” The Telegraph (via Atlas Shrugs)

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