The Muslims Behind the Propaganda: "Jesus is a Prophet of Islam"

“When people understand other religions, only then can they accept them and have nothing to be concerned about,”  Mr Mohamed said.

Muslims don’t understand other religions, let alone their own. What Mohamed is saying here, is this:  if you submit to Islam, your life and belongings are safe from the soldiers of Allah, like here:

Muslim (19:4294) - “When you meet the unbelievers, invite them to three courses of action:  Invite them to (accept) Islam;  If they refuse,  demand from them the Jizya. If they agree to pay, accept it from them and hold off your hands. If they refuse to pay the tax tribute, seek Allah’s help and fight kill them”….

Issa, the counterfit Muslim Jesus, is a very different from the Jesus of the Christians. Jesus of Nazareth is an historical personage. Issa of the Qur’an is an ahistorical fiction.

Television commercials aimed at improving the “concerning” way many Australians perceive Muslims will soon hit our screens.  They are the brainchild of – the same group of Muslims behind the Jesus is a Prophet of Islam” billboards across the city.

One would hope that a lot of people do look at their website and listen to their late guru, the rabid hate-preacher Ahmed Deedat, a South African who, on Good Friday, spoke about Easter, indulged in bible-bashing and incited racial hatred. In his promotional video on the website of,
Ahmad Deedat denies any legitimacy to Judaism or Christianity, which is typical for radical Islamic headbangers committed to our destruction.

Nathan Klein needs to get an education. He needs to learn the basics of his own religion before he hastens to promote Islam, of which he knows even less:

Devout Muslim Diaa Mohamed sharing the ‘real truth’ of Islam

“MUSLIMS can be whingers and they tend to blame everyone but themselves for the way people view them.”

They are whingers, yes. But that notwithstanding, they are relentless in their missionary da’awa:

The commercials – the first Islamic advertisement on free-to-air TV – are stage two of a plan to improve the way Muslims are viewed in Australia.

They will be unveiled at a $75-a-head dinner tonight featuring a guest appearance by Canadian Muslim rapper Boona Mohammed.

Billboards preaching about Mohammed, Islam and the Koran have already started springing up around Sydney and the campaign features in ads on the back of more than 40 buses. As for his comment that “Muslims can be whingers”, Mr Mohamed said: “A large part of that is, even though we have migrated well, we have kept who we are from Australians.

“This commercial will educate non-Muslims on Islam and the beauty of our religion.

“We can’t keep letting other people paint a picture of who we are.”–Read full story

No. Don’t let the truth hit you where the good lord split you…..

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10 thoughts on “The Muslims Behind the Propaganda: "Jesus is a Prophet of Islam"”

  1. Liar, Loon or Lord. C.S. Lewis dilemma. If you believe what Jesus said he was either a con-man, crazy, or exactly who he said he was. The Muslims sought to portray Jesus as a liar to diminish him by comparison to their pedophile prophet and his revelations by whim. This demonstrates that the Quran is a lie and the ‘rewrite’ of the bible contained a transparent effort.

    Which is probably why Democrats admire it so much.

  2. “Creating Better understanding of Islam”

    AFTER communicating through billboards and signs on buses around Sydney, Reverend Ian Powell and Islamic activist Diaa Mohamed will now sit down together for a quiet word.

    Mindless Islam promo from The Australian

  3. * Canadian Muslim rapper Boona Mohammed.

    [Using his words as dawah, Boonaa Mohammed, is a driven poet with unique name and a clear message.]

    [The days of Marcus Garvey and Malcolm X are long gone, our Jose Martis are now Ricky Martins. Revolutionaries have become a thing of the past only found on museum walls or in Cuba (for the moment). We live in a system where instead of being kept silent, we are handed the bare minimum to feel we are better off not complaining. Inserting Boonaa Mohammed into this equation surely alters the thought process,…… Read More]

  4. “Devout Muslim Diaa Mohamed sharing the ‘real truth’ of Islam”

    If only these vermin were telling the REAL truth about islam.

  5. The islamic “jesus” will supposedly return with the Mahdi, who will bring about a “global government of peace, prosperity and justice”.

    (Sounds much like the Antichrist / Beast 666, with the False Prophet)

    The Mahdi is Reappearing to Rid World of ‘Devils in Human Form’

    [Muslims believe that an Islamic ruler – in the company of Jesus
    Christ – will soon defeat the forces of the anti-Christ. According
    to Muslim lore, today is the Mahdi’s birthday.]

    [Is it time to prepare ourselves for the reaapearance of the Muslim messiah/aka the Mahdi – along with Jesus Christ, who it appears will be assisting with the Mahdi’s work? According to this column from Iran’s state-run Kayhan, today is the Mahdi’s birthday, and unless you are the Great Satan or one of those other devils in human form, it is time to rejoice and prepare for ‘a global government of peace, prosperity, and justice.’]

  6. Mullah Lodabullah here is a interesting note. People who know Arabic, who have looked at the copies of the original manuscripts of Revelation [before any translation attempts] say that the “666” is not numerals…but Arabic that reads “in the name of allah”. All the “calculate his number” and “his number is” was added to try to clarify what they thought was a smudged Greek grammatical error.

    Doesn’t the God of the Bible forbid the study of numbers, as in numerology? Personally I believe this is a fulfillment of what the book of Daniel says concerning prophecies, in that “seal up the words until the time of the end”. I believe we have reached the point where the seal of understanding has been broken on this because we are at “the time of the end”.

    Islam is the unknown religion of the man of sin that Daniel spoke of at that time, revealed centuries later. The man of sin is their Mahdi.

  7. I suppose one can spend a lifetime studying, re-translating disecting, re-interpreting, meditating etc pp about Muhammad’s pseudo-religious concoction.

    However, despite all academic and theological efforts, in practical terms it remains what it has been for the past 1,400 years: The Janus-faced apologetics manual for marauders, murderers and rapists.

    Likewise you can waste years years on end studying all there is to know about the female red back spider – but to which practical benefit? The only fact worth remembering:

    Redback? Step on it!

    about the physiology and psychology and of – say – red back spiders.

  8. I wrote to this Diaa Mohamed loser, he did reply with a question regarding Jesus which I answered for him, but he was too afraid to carry on with the emailing.

    Most muslims who run these sorts of sites are out & out cowards. He is just so typical.

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