The UK Dilemma

Keep the jiziya flowing, dhimmies:

The number of Islamic parasites, hate-preachers, terrorists and serial rapists who “can’t be deported” must be in the thousands by now.

U.K.: Banned jihadist hate preacher remains jailed for defying deportation order

He should never have made it into Britain in the first place. Now, he will needlessly tie up time and resources with his courtroom jihad. “Leader of Islamic Movement in Israel to remain in U.K. jail after court denies appeal,” by Jack Khoury for Haaretz, July 8, via JW:

A London court on Friday denied the appeal of Sheikh Ra’ad Salah, leader of the northern branch of the Islamic Movement in Israel.

Comparative tolerance: Where is the Jewish Movement in Iran?

Londonistan is now a Sharia Controlled Zone

A reader in London just sent us the following photo, which is fairly self-explanatory:

He included this note:

Please see attached a poster seen stuck on to a bus stop on corner of Mission Grove and Carisbrooke Road, London E17. Signs of subtlety in the message — avoiding items that might be thought of as controversial like killing homosexuals and stuffing women in bags.

GoV posted this poster today,  thanks to Vlad Tepes who made it more readable…..

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Salah was arrested in England in late June after he entered the country despite an exclusion order barring him from the United Kingdom. A deportation order was issued subsequently. Salah remains in detention because he refused to comply with the order.

Salah appealed his arrest and the order that bars him from entering the UK. He demanded that he be released immediately and unconditionally and be allowed to continue to his visit in the UK.

The appeal was denied and he will remain in detention until an additional appeal, which is expected to be filed next week.

Salah’s attorney and spokesman Zahi Nujeidat told Haaretz that “the Sheikh is insisting on his right to fight the arbitrary decision by the British government to deport him and therefore he has decided to remain in detention and wait for the appeals proceeding.”

On Saturday afternoon, the Islamic Movement, backed by the Higher Arab Monitoring Committee, will hold a large demonstration in Nazareth, expected to be attended by thousands of people, protesting Salah’s detention.

On Friday, Islamic Movement activists held a protest outside the UK embassy in Tel Aviv.


9 thoughts on “The UK Dilemma”

  1. It is about time to terminate the activities of the islamists in London. Deportation wont work – only one solution is required, and that does not include accepting the wishes of these islamist turds.

  2. Abu Hamza was jailed seven years for soliciting murder

    Saturday July 9,2011
    By Daily Express reporter

    MOST Islamic terrorists convicted in Britain spend less than three and a half years in prison, a shock report has revealed.

    A third go free after no more than 16 months. And Britain is now a “hub for the development of terrorists”, the survey found.

    Seven out of 10 Islamic fanatics are “home-grown” British nationals, according to the Henry Jackson Society.

    The think-tank analysed 138 Islamic terror convictions from 1999 to 2010.
    It found 54 per cent of the terrorists were given sentences of between one and nine years – and that those defendants spent a maximum of three and a half years in jail.
    Incredibly, eight of them avoided prison altogether. The report gave examples of soft justice including the case of Mohammed Kabashi who was sentenced to nine years for helping the failed 21/7 London bombers but walked out of jail after just two years and three months.
    Hook-handed preacher Abu Hamza was jailed seven years for soliciting murder.
    Britain is now a hub for the development of terrorists, the survey found
    He would have been freed after two years and two months but remains in custody because he is facing other charges in the US.
    In a forward to the report Lord Carlile, the Government’s former independent reviewer of terrorism legislation, said: “The evidence reveals the UK to be something of a hub for the development of terrorists who export their activities to other countries.”

  3. Well, soccer is OK. That’s a relief. And maybe no suprise.

    Although, what is soccer without alcohol?

  4. While the UK may be a hub for terrorists, there is still a demand from muslims to eliminate the resulting “islamophobia”…

    Counter-demonstration after EDL demo violence

    [Protesters will then proceed to Chadwell Heath Police Station, where they will hand in a petition “from all the local residents to say that we want EDL off our streets and for an end to Islamophobia” according to the MPACUK Facebook page.]

  5. MPACUK “stop islamophobia week”

    [This is the first day of Stop Islamophobia Week. To kick start the campaign we need you to call and write to your MP demanding an end to Islamophobia.

    Here is a template to get you started:]

    [Furthermore, I am appalled at the lack of legislation against Islamophobia. The most prominent form of discrimination in Britain today is Islamophobia, yet there has been a reluctance to introduce legislation to make Islamophobia illegal.]

    * Better to make Islam illegal, before God shuts it down along with those who enable and appease it.


    Our Political Elite do Murdoch’s Bidding

    [Zionist media magnate, Rupert Murdoch has yet again successfully reminded Britain’s political elite who’s running the show, by getting them all to his summer party in the days when a decision is likely to be made on his News Corp’s 100% ownership bid of Sky TV.]

    * Stamp out “islamophobia”, but never let truth get in the way of a chance to denounce a “zionist”.

  7. So, what’s to stop any Brit from taking the signs down? Is there some legal right to post bills like that? If so, does someone have the right to post over it? Can one walk by each sign with spray paint and hose them down in some pleasant earth tone?

    Muslims have no right to set up sharia in any area by their own say-so. Brit citizens need to man up and tear down or cover up those filthy signs and if the Muslims want to rumble, bring it on.

  8. “High Risk Sex Offender Can’t Be Deported”

    A SEX offender asylum seeker who tried to snatch a 14-year-old boy from a town centre street has been jailed for 16 months and could now face deportation.

    Iranian-born Asghar Najafi, 43, had already been on the sex offenders register for four years when he attempted to kidnap the teenager near Blackburn Market.

    A judge labelled him a ‘high-risk’ to children and his asylum status is now set to be reviewed by the Home Office.

    Calls have now been made to insist that Najafi, who claimed he came to England to escape the political situation in his native country, should be expelled from the UK.

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