Two Laws in the UK?

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He Should Have Worn a Burqa

At a demo yesterday in Middlesbrough, a member of the English Defence League was confronted by the police for wearing a face mask. He was told he was in violation of the law.

As the video below demonstrates, he wouldn’t have been in violation of the law if he had worn a burqa — or even better, a face mask made from the Black Flag of Jihad.

In that case, he would have been under the jurisdiction of sharia law, and everything would have been just fine.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video and to GoV for the tip:


2 thoughts on “Two Laws in the UK?”

  1. Muslim woman in bag–“This is my identity”…i.e. complete anonymity and nothingness, as per shariah law.

  2. @Anne. My thoughts exactly. “This is my identity.” Not my soul, not my relationships, my interests, my contributions to society, but my wearing a piece of cloth to cover my identity, is my identity. Such is the mental sickness of Islam, sorry to say. It defies rationality or moral purpose.

    Supposedly the purpose of the veil is to provide modesty, to prevent women from being seen as sexual temptations or sexual objects. To prevent being seen as an object they turn themselves into objects.

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