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Self-absorbed poofs on CNN:

CNN’s Begala: ‘At Least 10 Percent of Us Are Gay Or Lesbian’

More like  50 to 60%  must be working in the lame stream media…..

More of the same:

 Its a Homo World

Surprise… New York DJ’s and Florists Who Refuse to Marry Gays Can Get Sued

It’s come to this…  Religious people and Christians who refuse to marry gays can get sued thanks to the new gay marriage law.   So much for freedom of religion.    The New York Post reported.

Don’t ever let a good crisis go to waste.    USA Today reported:

A Schlong for a Turk:

Ethics & Morals:

“Fair & Balanced”

 Alan West  (a man they love to hate)

‘Sad, Pathetic, Fear Mongering’: Rep. Allen West Running Out of Adjectives for Obama

“Trying to turn people against… viable solutions.”   Read More »

Too Stoopid:

4 thoughts on “U.S. Media”

  1. You dont have to be a Left Wing, Islamophile, Green NAZI, Lesbian or Homo to work for the BBC either but dont even think of applying if you dont tick at least THREE or better still FOUR of those boxes.

    1. Think about it this way …. the so called lame stream media is Obama’s Field Army whose Headquarters is located somewhere in the White House.
      It seems to me the Progressive Press has declared war on the rest of the America ….. and now they act in consort to gang attack and destroy anyone they collectively dislike. Take it to the bank !!!

      Errol Phillips

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