UK: Two blue eyed Christian terrorists arrested with holy bomb manuals

Shocker: turns out they were ‘reverts!’

Take a deep breath before you feel another bout of Islamophobia coming on.

The Sun

TWO German Islamic converts were caught with bomb-making instructions, gun manuals and jihad magazines as they entered Britain, a court heard yesterday.

Robert Baum, 23, and Christian Emde, 28, were stopped after officials doubted their reason to visit.

After searching their bags, authorities in Dover found literature which included “How to make a bomb in the kitchen of your mother”, “39 ways to support jihad” and “Destroying buildings”.

They also found al-Qaeda emblems on a laptop and holy war pamphlet “Inspire”.

Prosecutor Colin Gibbs told Westminster Magistrates Court: “These are terrorism offences of some seriousness.”

Mr Gibbs said officials “did not believe the pair” after they claimed they had intended to fly to Egypt from Brussels in Belgium but found the flights were too expensive and came to Dover.

Blue-eyed Emde converted in 2003 and Baum within the past three years.

They were charged with possessing information that may be useful to a person committing or preparing an act of terrorism. Neither entered a plea.

Both refused to stand, calling it “a forbidden act of worship”. They were remanded to top-security Belmarsh jail until next month.

Top Muslim leaders in Germany are calling on the federal government to take immediate action to stamp out growing anti-Islamic sentiment in the wake of the Norway massacre.

Allah’s rep’s preventively play victim card, demand “to stamp out growing anti-Islamic sentiment”

(The Local) The chairman of the Turkish Community in Germany, Kenan Kolat, called on Tuesday for Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich, to convene a “prevention conference on the theme of Islamophobia.” (eyeontheworld)

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  1. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again……
    all willing muslim converts have a personality disorder at best, more likely dangerously insane.

  2. These reverts and other Muslims are trying to get the laws changed to make Islamophobia a criminal offence.
    I can see it coming. Goodbye freedom of speech. Speaking the truth about Islam will soon be a crime. Mark my words. Durban III will make sure of that.

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