We Need to Take 'Race' Out of the Burqa

In the pockets of the Arabs you can find many well  paid traitors

 Thomas Hammarberg learned his dirty trade when he was Kofi Annan’s appointed representative (SRSG) for “human rights”. We must not be miguided by the fantasy-based policies of Swedish One-Worlders. This guy also believes the UN should control the internet.
Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights blasts burqa bans as ‘sad capitulation to the prejudices of xenophobes’

“Penalize Critics Instead”

“Much deeper problems of intercultural tensions and gaps have been side-tracked by the burqa and niqab discussions. Instead of encouraging this unfortunate discourse, political leaders and governments should take more resolute action against hate crimes and discrimination against minorities,” Hammarberg argues.

Penalising women who wear the burqa does not liberate them, Thomas Hammarberg, the Council of Europe’s commissioner for human rights, said today in a written statement.

IS it racist and irrational to criticise aspects of Islam? Judging from the vituperative war of words launched against a group of people who took part in a “ban the burka” protest this week, it seems it is. 

A Herald Sun reporter said there were fears the protest could “provoke hysteria”. Others said it might “provoke riots”. Helen Szoke of the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission said it would “stoke fear”. Without a smidgen of irony, she demanded that “as a diverse and tolerant society, [we should] identify racist beliefs and behaviours and declare them intolerable”. So a tolerant society must refuse to tolerate opposition to the burka. Who’s bird-brained?Brendan O’Neill From: The Australian

 Well, in this case we should penalize anyone opposing the KKK, right? What are the PC brigades gonna do with Sergio Redegalli’s latest mural?

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  1. I voiced my concerns about Islam the other day and its barbaric idealisation. I was accused of being racist. And yet again, time after time, I have to remind people….Islam is not a race!!!! (It is in fact a medieval coda, a totalitarian fascist ideology designed to subjugate women and non-members of the cult and to justify the murder of pretty much anyone who does not accept that the Koran is the work of a perverted psychopath called Mohammed)

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