Anything to Stop the EDL

The cowardly, deluded apparatchiks who are ruining Britain totally without help from rioters, Muslims or African criminals,  are now making their business to criminalize and to shut down any dissent to their failed multicultural-diversity-enrichment culture.

The latest attempt is to shut down the EDL, the last few patriots who are willing to stand up for their once great country. During the riots, the EDL came out in defense of residents and shop-owners, hardly reported by the enemedia, because that doesn’t fit into the politically correct narrative that has to be spoon-fed to an increasingly irritated public.

The complicit enemedia helps to smear the EDL as ‘Far Right’, while at the same time carefully avoiding to call any Islamic terrorist organization what they are: terrorist organizations. UK Telegraph 

Already EDL supporters have taken to the streets to help defend their communities and prepare for the clean-up operations that must follow the last few days of rioting of looting. The EDL also stands with the Sikhs, as you can see here.

But don’t hold your breath: The vilification machine is already cranked up to high gear, and the calls to stop the EDL from exercising their god given rights to protest against Islamization are getting louder by the day. The Bunglawussi crowd is delighted:

Telford: police concede demands for EDL march ban

West Mercia Police this morning made a recommendation to Telford & Wrekin Council to make an application to the Home Secretary Theresa May to ban the EDL march that is planned for Saturday. The march could be banned under Section 13 of the Public Order Act 1986. A decision – which would prevent any marches taking place – is expected later today.

Pat Condell: Britain is a Riot

3 thoughts on “Anything to Stop the EDL”

  1. Maybe Pat should be the new PM of Britain. At least he’s got more backbone than that spineless yellow bastard Camerooooooon.

  2. The focus should be at the educational level.

    The way schools deal with misbehavior is conditioning a society of continued disrespect and crime.

    It is there, in our very public system that these behaviors should be stemmed.

    Unfortunately, our schools are the training grounds for criminal activity. There, many learn that no real consequences exist for their misbehavior.

  3. Perhaps if just half of the money we give away in overseas aid was given to improving our own society people wouldn’t feel the need to riot. The major political parties have created this mess and now try to put the blame everywhere else. Our leaders (so called) are no better than Idi Amin or Robert Muggabi.

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