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 While churches in America “open their doors“ to Muslim worship, churches in the Muslim world are having it done for them.   (Thanks to TROP)


Christian Family Escapes Muslim Slavery After 30 Years…

The father had signed a loan for his daughter’s wedding, paying interest rates up to 50%. Thereafter, 26 family members were enslaved to a Muslim to repay the debt. More cases of marriages and forced conversions of Christian girls.


Terrorism Pays Off for Filipino Islamic Separatists… 

On the condition that they disarm. Complete, verifiable, irreversible disarmament is well nigh impossible; after all, war is deceit.”

KUALA LUMPUR – The Philippines on Monday offered Muslim rebels waging a decades-long insurgency the prospect of autonomy, but warned they must first lay down their arms and a peace pact was likely years away. (won’t happen, you know that)

Sri Lanka:


Gaza Jihadis Fire More Rockets and Mortars Into Israel Despite “Truce”  (Atlas)

(Truce means “wait, we gotta reload… fire!”)

U.S. Pays For Jihad

U.N. schools for Palestinians have employed jihadists for decades, use antisemitic PA textbooks

Your tax dollars at work, in ways you never intended: “The US contributed over half a billion dollars ($560 million) from 2009-2010.”

Just what you needed to hear in the ongoing debt crisis. Arab donors, by comparison, threw in $7 million. “Do UNRWA schools encourage terror against Israel?” by Anav Silverman for the Jerusalem Post, August 22 from JW.



Egyptians Demonstrating opposite Israeli Embassy in Cairo Show Sign with Swastika Saying “The Gas Chambers Are Ready” (Atlas)

 More of the putrid, fetid blossoms of the Obama supported Islamic spring. Of course, we knew this. Atlas called it as soon as the Muslim Brotherhood revolution began to unfold began in January. The Islamic supremacists and their leftwing useful idiots couldn’t wait to oust the first (and only) Muslim country to sign a peace accord with Israel. Mubarak, America’s most reliable Muslim ally for 30 years, was thrown under the bus by the Muslim Brotherhood stooge in the White House. Has the leftwing media who propagandized this horror as all sweetness and light corrected the record? Are they capable of picking up a bucket of water and making even so much as a feeble attempt to help put the fire that they helped start and spread? These moral cowards are incapable of humanity.

 Read more:    “The Gas Chambers Are Ready”

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