Ramadan Death Count

Ramadan death round up

 (eye on the world)

(Pakistan) In a twin bomb attack in the city of Peshawar, 7 people were murdered when first a remote control bomb was detonated near a police-car and then as people swarmed to help the victims a female suicide bomber decided to try and kill as many people as possible by blowing up for allah.

(Beirut) In Lebanon a car bomb killed 2 people this morning in a Christian area of the capital. But get this the two who died, lost their lives as they were planting the bomb under a judges car. The men have been named as Ihsan Dia and Hassan Nassar, both followers of Hezballah.

(Afghanistan) 5 NATO soldiers were killed by a roadside bomb in Southern Afghanistan, with another killed by another bomb in the same area. While NATO in the form of ISAF has soldiers on the ground, the soldiers in Southern Afghanistan are predominately US or British.

Ramadan 2011 death count is now at 453. 

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  1. Yet our MSM is firmly fixated on Brevik and trying to spin that story as being about Christian terrorism — while vomiting out lies about Pisslam being the religion of peace and tolerance in honor of Ramadingdong.

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