Wakademic Stinker of the Week

Just in from Mullah:

Wacademia muzzling freedom of debate of  “burqa” by telling us that while we are free to debate things, sometimes we shouldn’t debate things  (or something like that)

“Australia’s burqa fallacy”


[There was the recent Carnita Matthews court case, wherein footage caught by a dashboard camera proved she had wrongfully accused a police officer of trying to forcibly remove her niqab (face veil, not burqa). But this one incident, which occurred last year, surely cannot be grounds for debate.]

* Why can’t it? Who decides what can be “debated”, and the circumstances?

[But just because we can debate whatever we so choose, doesn’t mean we should. As with any right there is the responsibility to exercise it judiciously. In the discussion about burqas this seems to have fallen by wayside.]

* Who decides whether a right has been exercised “judiciously”, or whether a discussion should be shut down?

[David Tittensor is a Research Associate at the Centre for Dialogue at La Trobe University.]

Sounds more like a wanna-be muzzler to me. Google Centre for Dialogue at La Trobe University to find out where the muzzlers are, and what they pursue:

[Fostering research, education and training, policy development and community engagement locally, nationally and internationally.]

* Think this “centre for dialogue” might be pushing … islam?

Other news:

Of course, in America the wakademic fraud is  bigger:


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27 Jul 2011 : Centre Director, Joe Camilleri to speak at major National Social Inclusion Forum on 7 October.
21 Jun 2011 : Read the Press Release for the International Symposium on The Obama Middle East Peace Initiative (PDF 80KB)
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7 Jan 2011 : Listen to Program Manager, Larry Marshall speaking on ABC Radio Australia’s Indonesian-language breakfast program (WAV 9MB)
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* Looks like it to me.