The Useful Idiots For Jihad Become Shriller Every Day

Time Magazine defames and demonizes counter-jihadists

So what else is new? Is anyone doing anything else these days? Still, I think it important to answer as many as I can of these and show the truth. “When Slogans Beget Slaughter,” by Ishaan Tharoor in Time Magazine, August 6 (Woj put this up already:   TIME magazine has a new asshole and his name is ISHAAN THAROOR,  but its good to hear what Spencer has to say about it)

Remember those Jewish terror plots? The Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg equates resistance to Islamization with Nazism

Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter. — Isaiah 5:20

Remember all those Jewish terror plots? All those programs to impose Jewish law upon non-Jews?

“Well, This Looks Atrocious,” by Jeffrey Goldberg in The Atlantic, August 2

Nobody looks good with brown lipstick, not even  Harry’s little homo’s who  see the world through pink shades:

Breivik cannot simply be dismissed as a crazed loner. As his manifesto demonstrates, his ideas were drawn from a wider political milieu. Worryingly, these ideas are beginning to find an audience – with the European far-right already using them to give a quasi-intellectual veneer to their bigotry. As this spreads, it will also serve to bolster Islamists who continue to inflame followers with phony claims of a Western war on Muslims. It is therefore up to Western liberals to confront such anti-Muslim bigotry, before resentment and distrust is allowed to fester more than it already has. Breivik’s debt is to anti-Muslim bigots  by Alexander Meleagrou-Hitchens. 

Looks like Hitchens made quite an about turn since he wrote this:

Alexander Meleagrou-Hitchens …..’How little the world would look moral without forgetfulness. A poet might say that God made forgetfulness the guard he placed at the threshold of human dignity. ‘

Who wrote this telling us that sharia compliant banking was infact an Al Qaeda plot in essence?:

‘Islamic banking is becoming increasingly accepted as a viable and fair alternative to the current “Western capitalist” banking system.
Such moves fail to recognise Islamic banking for what it is — a modern Islamist construct, designed as another wedge between Western Muslims and their societies.
For Mawdudi, the answer to the perceived ills of Muslims around the world was to be found in a return to the days of Muhammad. He identified western concepts, particularly secular liberal democracy, as an existential threat to the umma (the worldwide Muslim population, conceptualised as a monolithic political bloc) and his answer was twofold. First, Muslims had to identify themselves first and foremost by their religion and therefore separate and isolate themselves from the “unbelievers”. Second, Muslims had to engage in jihad to reclaim formerly “Islamic lands” and eventually establish global supremacy. Mawdudi believed that Islamic finance was one of the essential cogs of a totalitarian Islamic state.

This notion was quickly taken up by Sayyid Qutb (1906-1966), one of the founders of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, widely recognised as a direct inspiration for al-Qaeda.

‘Sharia compliant financing’ has one effect that is strong and unmistakable: it reinforces the perception of mutual incompatibility between the West and Islam. Muslims and Western governments alike have a duty to weigh this dangerous quality against sharia banking’s highly dubious religious and economic credentials, before they dance away to the latest tune of the Islamist pied pipers.’

Alexander Meleagrou-Hitchens.

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  1. “It is therefore up to Western liberals to confront such anti-Muslim bigotry, before resentment and distrust is allowed to fester more than it already has!”

    Maybe the European government would be willing to finance an “outer-faith” convention, we could have non-muslim meeting halls and outreach programs for anti-jihad youth. Guest speakers discussing emancipation of women and why atheism is an ideology of peace and tolerance.

    Throw a few millions at the problem and it will go away.
    That seems to be the usual European method of solving islamic radicalization.

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