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Bunglwussi Rage

Muslims really hate it when they get a dose of their own medicine.

 “Just a tiny tiny little mosque”

Outed councellor seeks “petty revenge” after being voted out in the last election, tries to inflict a mosque on “sickened”  residents.

 Last Chance

Failed asylum seeker strangled and drowned bakery worker who refused to marry him so he could stay in the UK  ‘His last chance of staying in the UK was for him to marry an EU citizen’

Fake Marriage

A “RESPECTED” religious teacher at a Wakefield mosque is beginning a 12-month prison sentence for his role in his brother’s sham marriage in the city.   Zafar Iqbal, 33, was jailed alongside Czech ‘bride’ Milada Gabcova.

Brits Escape to Poland

Its better in the land of John Sobiesky:

‘It is a cultural thing to speak your mind and be honest. That is the way British men communicate with each other, so finding such directness in a woman, and not having to constantly guess what you have done wrong, is an attractive trait.’  (Daily Mail)

Melanie Phillips on Islam in Britian

Unfortunatley she has blinkered views on Australia, and the Howard gov’t is long gone. Besides, the Howard Costello team was not the staunch defenders of Western culture and civilization  as she claims:

Raheel Raza: Radicals Hijacked My Peaceful Islam

Only greasy Islamophobes like us have trouble believing this nice old lady who is trying so hard to sell Islam to unsuspecting kafirs. I wonder how Ezra can keep a straight face:

“Equality is embedded in the Koran… women were equal in the mosque… the Wahabi’s created terrorism, they have corrupted Pakistan with their money, they have ruined my faith, hijacked my religion…..”

Raheel Raza can’t get herself to blame honor killings on Islam

“Its not in the Koran…”

Its her schtick to blame the Wahabites of Sowdi Barbaria all the while protecting Islam  (“nothing to do with Islam”) and  the usual BS. If we didn’t know our stuff we’d almost be inclined to believe her.

But the chips are down, the religious ruling is clear:  you can find it in the  12th century Shafi’i legal manual Umdat al-Salik, more commonly known as The Reliance of the Traveler, where it says, “retaliation is obligatory against anyone who kills a human being purely intentionally and without right.” However, “not subject to retaliation” is “a father or mother (or their fathers or mothers) for killing their offspring, or offspring’s offspring.” (Umdat al-Salik o1.1-2).

In other news:


Cartoon Jihad

 Your taxpayer dollars at work:  Cookie Monster vs Suicide Bombers

…and we were waiting with baited breath for the moment when the Cookie Monster straps on a bomb vest and blows himself up in a crowd of Infidels.

That’s right after he blew somewhere between $ 50 and $ 70 million dollars of taxpayer money on one of his Muslim buddies from Kuwait to produce Muslim superhero comics.  The Islam promotion comics are now ready:

Muslim Superheroes Teach Kids About Allah

The airing of the comics has also met strong opposition in the United States.

 Mutawa says some in US have attacked him for promoting Shari`ah law to American kids, even though he has made sure religion does not play a major role in the comics or the cartoon.

Not to worry, Obama is a Christian, right?

Meanwhile, on the other side of the world:

Islamized Turkey: Cartoonist to be Tried for Insulting Islam (Atlas Shrugs)

If free speech and religious tolerance–even tolerance toward those who renounce religion–is the mark of a liberal, free society, then Turkey is moving headlong into Islamic Republic of Iran territory. A cartoonist who questioned religious devotion and the existence of God in a cartoon will be tried in Turkey.  According to Hurriyet, “The Istanbul chief public prosecutor’s office charged cartoonist Bahadır Baruter with ”insulting the religious values adopted by a part of the population’ and requested his imprisonment for up to one year.”

If Turkey’s Jews were the canary in the coal mine, then Turkey today has become the  Centralia mine fire. No longer can Turkey be said to enjoy freedom of religion, a free press, or the trappings of any other modern, European society.


The Leftist Media Goes to Any Length to Obscure the Jihad

Jihad With Music

Radio-Controlled Airplane Jihad

Hoping to head off that fabled anti-Muslim backlash, the US media quietly refers to yet another domestic Muslim terrorist as a ‘Massachusetts musician.” (File photo, the guy in the pic is not the terrorist!)

Did you know a homegrown radicalized Muslim was just arrested for plotting to fly remote-controlled airplanes full of high explosives into the Pentagon and the U.S. Capitol, as part of his long-term plan to help al-Qaeda wage “jihad” against the “enemies of Allah?”

You might have heard about the remote control planes and the explosives.  Rezwan Ferdaus, a 26-year-old Northeastern University physics graduate who lived in Massachusetts, was busted by the FBI after he tried to purchase explosives from undercover agents.  He was planning to turn some large model airplanes – the kind that barely fit into a car trunk once they’ve been assembled – into GPS-guided missiles.

You almost certainly have not heard Ferdaus described as a Muslim or jihadist in headlines. Instead, a number of rather clever descriptions have been deployed by the media.  The best one comes from CBS News, which describes him as a “Mass. musician.”  Ferdaus was the drummer for a band called “The Silk Road,” you see.  He was a Mass. musician bent on mass murder.

Ferdaus is also widely described as a “Massachusetts man” or an “Ashland man.”  At the time of his arrest, the U.S. District Attorney for Massachusetts, Carmen Ortiz, released an unusually pointed statement: “I want the public to understand that Mr. Ferdaus’ conduct, as alleged in the complaint, is not reflective of a particular culture, community, or religion.”  With the possible exception of Massachusetts musicians, who can apparently be associated with brutal acts of terrorism without fear of lasting injury to their reputations.

“Self-Motivated Jihadist” Only Wanted to do His ‘Duty to Allah’

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Mark Steyn: Free Speech Disaster in Australia

An update from

 Shame on you, Australia!

Stan, I was traveling when the guilty verdict against Andrew Bolt came through, and, cut off from news coverage, I had hoped it might at least be narrowly drawn. But Justice Mordecai Bromberg’s ruling is absolutely appalling in the precedent it sets for “freedom” of speech in Australia.


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Al Awlaki Meets Virgins, Part II



An accident of birth does not make this guy a citizen. Al Awlaki  declared war on the country of his birth and encouraged others to commit violent acts against Her and her people. He lost any ‘rights’ he had when he did that.

America needs to do a lot ‘worse’ things than this in order to destroy the savages and their agenda. Just do it like the Russians do, America.

MSNBC gushes, credits “president Obama” with Al Awlaki’s ‘significance’ and tells us that  he wasn’t the most pious of individuals and was said to be dating a Croatian stripper.  (What’s a Croatian stripper doing in a place like Yemen?)

 The leftist media loves their terrorist “revolutionaries”

Hollyweirdo Sean Penn is in Egypt “reclaiming the revolution”

 Chavez Buddy Sean Penn Joins Tahrir Square Protest Against Egyptian Military Leaders

A desperately evil man who was linked to the 9/11 attacks (he was “spiritual adviser” to a couple of the hijackers) as well as to the Fort Hood jihad murder, the Christmas underwear jihad bombing attempt on an airplane over Detroit, and the Times Square jihad mass murder attempt, has apparently gone to his fiery grave. “U.S. Born Terror Boss Anwar al-Awlaki Killed,” from, September 30:
CAIR springs into action:

“As we have stated repeatedly in the past, the American Muslim community firmly repudiated Anwar al-Awlaki’s incitement to violence, which occurred after he left the United States.”

No he didn’t, CAIR is lying.  He was aiding and abetting the jihad of the 19 hijackers way back when.

More Blather From the Left:


Australian Yuman Rites Shyster Twitters Himself

Andrew Bolt

He endorses an abusive book, tweets offensive tweets but refuses to defend my own right to free speech about how people of mixed ancestry identify themselves – a right removed in part on the grounds that I was rude: The curse of Twitter

 Denunciant seeks political career:

 Wrong party. False flag operation. Otherwise, why would this diehard commie try to join the conservatives? This is a guy who called former PM John Howard a ‘lying rat’, go figure! You can ask him on Facebook…..

O’Putz: Ethics Not My Favorite Subject
 “I remember when I was in 8th grade I had to take a class called ethics. Now, ethics is about right and wrong.  I don’t think ethics would have made it on the list.”
“The US has gone a little soft”
Challenged by Reality

Awlaki Meets Virgins

The talking heads from Fox give me the creeps: “due process”, “he was an American”(so what? He wanted to be a ‘martyr’, so we helped him to get his virgins)  Along comes Scheuer, ex-CIA, deluded  as always: “its because of America’s policies, and as long as these policies are in place the war will continue….”-

My goodness, Scheuer!  Is it so hard to pick up the Koran and read the Al Qaeda playbook?

SANAA, Yemen (AP) — Yemen Defense Ministry says al-Qaida-linked US-born cleric al-Awlaki has been killed.

Yemen’s Defense Ministry said that Anwar al-Awlaki, a radical Islamic cleric believed to be a high-ranking member of al Qaeda has been killed. Al-Awlaki is a U.S. citizen born in New Mexico, has been linked to al Qaeda in Yemen

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Tancredo bashes Perry on illegal immigrants and Muslims

And so he should.

Tancredo also said he would nuke Mecca and Medina some time ago, for which he copped a fair bit of flak. I would say we start with Mecca and do Medina after, if the worlds Muslims don’t renounce jihad and world conquest. (Robert Spencer would disagree, but I’m a moderate and he’s a radical, you gotta start somewhere….)

DENVER — Since Texas Gov. Rick Perry‘s debate debacle last week, commentators and conservatives alike have been questioning his readiness and looking for another presidential alternative to former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney.

Now, Colorado’s Tom Tancredo is piling on.  KDVR-TV

In a column for the Daily Caller, Tancredo, who ran twice for his party’s presidential nomination in an effort to inject the illegal immigration issue into the larger debate, is slamming Perry for his soft policies on illegal immigration in Texas — and what Tancredo calls his “Muslim blind spot.”

“What is not yet as widely known about Perry is that he extends his taxpayer-funded compassion not only to illegal aliens but also to Muslim groups seeking to whitewash the violent history of that religion,” Tancredo writes.

“Perry endorsed and facilitated the adoption in Texas public schools of a pro-Muslim curriculum unit developed by Muslim clerics in Pakistan.”

Yes he did.  He got into bed with the Aga Khan and then he tried to get rid of the evidence. But Pamela Geller got him by the short and curlies….

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In Sowdi Barbaria's Textbooks We Are Still Sons of Apes & Swine….

Saudi Arabia defines barbarity in its culture and text books.

A stunning interview, thanks to Vlad

Saudis export anti-Christian and anti-Jewish textbooks across the world: (BCF)

Sowdi Barbaria Publishes A Textbooks Denigrating Western Culture

Ten Years On: The following excerpt come from supposedly revised books produced in 2010-11.

From a Grade 8 text:

“The Apes are the people of the Sabbath, the Jews; the Swine are the infidels of the communion of Jesus, the Christians.”

Ten Years On: Saudi Arabia’s Textbooks Still Promote Religious Violence

Imam Rauf sends his regards:

(some of them really believe we are as ignorant and stoopid as they are)

 “Sharia talks of human rights and it’s no different than the United Nations’ human rights. It’s compatible, and there are no negative effects on Saudi Arabia,”

Sowdi schoolbooks  warn of Western attempts to subvert Islamic culture by distributing “immorality” through the media.   Only well indoctrinated headbangers allowed to study abroad:

“Scholarship programs select the highest qualified students to go abroad. If a student is weak in religion and cultural values, he won’t be studious and he won’t be allowed in the program,” (BCF has more)

I guess we should be impressed:

Spencer: Women Can Vote in Saudi Arabia – So What?

Oh the irony!

On the same day the king promises women the vote:

Saudi Woman Sentenced to 10 Lashes for Defying Driving Ban–But hey, it’s not all bad: they can vote for Islamic Supremacist #1 or Islamic Supremacist #2! “Saudi woman to be lashed for driving car,” from the Telegraph, September 28 (thanks to JW.)


“Out of context”

The King Fahd Snakepit in Londonistan

Watch once again Headmistress Sumaya Alyusuf weasel & lie her way around the filth taught in the ‘King Fahd Academy’ in Londonistan: