'Clever Islamophobes'

Clever Islamophobes? What’s the world coming to?  Haroon Siddiqi  whinges and whines in the Totonto Star:

The clever tactics of Islamophobes:

 Anders Breivik and Timothy McVeigh, “Double standards” and ‘hypocrisy’, Johnny Esposito and the kitchen sink are  thrown at  the evil Islam bashers. Read it if you can stand it….

You can write him if you disagree: hsiddiqui@thestar.ca

Saudi Pigs Attempt To Silence Free Speech In Canada

“We caught this foreign dictatorship trying to undermine freedom of the press here in Canada and trying to export its own contempt for democracy, its own contempt for freedom of the press here in Canada,” said Alykhan Velshi, founder of the group Ethicaloil.org.”  (BCF)

 Islam rules

Egyptian Cleric Says Democracy Is “Heresy”

In the west we get Muslim spokesmen a dime a dozen telling us that Islam is perfectly compatible with democracy. Wherever the Muslims have the upper hand, the tune changes:

Interviewer: Are you accusing the secular and liberal movements of heresy?

Wagdi Ghoneim: I’m telling you that I do not acknowledge zublublarism, secularism, or mulukhiya. All I know is that Islam rules, and a Muslim should instate the law of Allah.

French Streetprayer Mufti: