Ground Zero Mosque Rat Imam Rauf: "The only good Muslim is a dead Muslim"

Rauf is lying, of course. Wall Street Journo’s know it, but they still print his lies.

And while he’s at it, he wants the U.S. government to do away with your freedom of speech. In Berkely and Georgetown people listen to this smarmy deceiver:

Why is the Wall Street Journal giving this dishonest man space? Is the WSJ also in the Arab pocket?

In an ugly sidelight to an ugly day, in the run-up to 9/11 the Wall Street Journal published this vicious little libel from the Ground Zero mosque and stealth Islamic supremacist Imam Faisal Abdul Rauf. In “A Call to All Religious Moderates,” September 9 (thanks to JW), Rauf says this:

When I launched my effort last year to build an Islamic Community Center in Lower Manhattan as part of reconciliation after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the vitriol hurled against me and Islam was overwhelming. Islam is evil, our critics said. The only good Muslim is a dead Muslim.  (More Imam Rauf )

Thanks to BNI we have this update:

STEALTH JIHAD: It isn’t so stealthy anymore

Darling of the conniving Left, Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf of the Ground Zero Victory Mosque wars, and erroneously dubbed a ‘moderate’ Muslim, attacks our First Amendment rights in public.

Rather than bombs, Stealth Jihadists use deceit and deception to say one thing while the realities on the ground are far different.

At a March 2011 panel at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. it was Imam Feisal Rauf who opened up a direct attack on America’s foundational constitutional protections and rights.  Rather than allowing Islam to be engaged in the public square critically, Rauf considers any criticism of Islam as “libel” — a hate crime.

Freedom of speech is seriously under threat:

The OIC is hard at work to take our free speech rights away:

Rauf opened the Stealth Jihadist playbook and removed any doubts about the true nature of the Stealth Jihad agenda.  In short, while keeping up an ecumenical front, Rauf and other  Stealthies intend to openly use American laws to crush dissent, demanding our laws silence any criticism, concerns, or questions about the Islamist threat.

The list doesn’t stop there.  The so-called Cordoba Mosque at Ground Zero?  Keep in mind that the Moors, when they conquered Cordoba in the 7th century, converted the Christian cathedral into an Islamic “victory” mosque.   For Islamists to spike the football in New York City at Ground Zero with a victory mosque of their own is outrageous enough.

But to be condemned as inciting “hate crimes” by questioning the prudence of such a move?  Westerners may consider this to be offensive.  Islamists have another term for such a struggle: jihad.

 This Stealth Jihad is being waged on multiple fronts, whether it is in chicken processing plants in Tennessee or in “no go” zones in Dearborn, Michigan.  This jihad is cultural, legal, spiritual, and as we saw 10 years ago on September 11th, 2001 — manifests itself in violence.

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