How sweet: Muslims feel so British, they're 'ready to die' for this country

Making this claim is a Cristina Odone from the Telegraph. She’s a journalist, novelist and broadcaster specialising in the relationship between society, families and faith.

Now if Cristina Odone wasn’t such a sweet interfaith peddling poptart, she would know that there are no believing Muslims ready to die for a kafir country. Muslims are commanded to kill and die for Allah (9.11.1) and to make the world Islamic, and that’s what they do  wherever they are.  Once again, we see a clueless, naive western fool who believes she is entitled to her own facts. People would be well advised to steer clear of her opinion.

British Muslims: where does their allegiance lie?  (WoJ readers could tell ya, Cristina. Thanks to Gerald)

The riots brought out a nasty streak in thousands of looters – and in thousands of ordinary citizens too. They didn’t kick in a shop window or make off with a pair of Nikes. But they gave their xenophobia free rein. While the sikhs, Turks and Poles drew praise for their efforts in defending their neighbourhoods and restoring order, hostile little Englanders gave vent to their paranoia: immigrants can’t be patriots, was their mantra – and Muslims above all. (For a taste of these rants, have a look at the responses to my meek and mild article on immigrant patriots).

‘Hostile little Englanders with paranoia’- what does that tell us about Cristina Odone?

They’d do well to read the riveting study of Muslims and the Army, “Ties That Bind” which Policy Exchange has just published. Author Shiraz Maher discovers not only that almost 90 per cent of Muslims here feel British, but also that 79 per cent of low-skilled Muslims would consider joining the Army and just under 48 per cent of Muslim women said they would too.

Shiraz Maher is a former Hizb-ut-Tahrir recruiter who decided  that interfaith pays and terror kills. Why not get paid for doing jihad with the pen?

This should put paid to theories about Muslims’ true allegiances. Just as for centuries Catholics were viewed as suspect because it was said their first allegiance was to the Pope, so today’s British Muslims are accused of being loyal first to the Ummah (the global Islamic fraternity) and then to their homeland. This suspicion (one shared by almost half of respondents in one poll cited) is fed by a strident minority who megaphone their hatred of the West. Their message is of a culture war between the faithful, pious Muslim and the decadent West. It makes for some sensationalist footage: protesters with their faces concealed by a keffiyeh, and placards that hurl abuse at the government. No wonder the media is eager to focus on this lot: it’s great telly. But in fact these loudmouths have taken over the role of the shop stewards during the 1970s trade union: they want to create a perception of us against them, because it is only in that hostile scenario that they are of use. With this mission in mind, they are busily sowing seeds of discord, urging young Muslims to turn their back on a career in the UK Forces (at present they employ only 600 Muslims); and even allowing extremists to issue a fatwa on any Muslim serving as a soldier in the British Army – as in the 2006 case of Parviz Khan, who was taped threatening to decapitate a fellow-Muslim who had signed up with the infidel British army.

They don’t need to ‘create a perception of us against them’. Islam divides the world in believer and unbelievers, and that is not something that naive western fools can wish away.

Despite the swivel-eyed fanatics like Khan, most Muslims are ready to serve in Britain’s institutions, whether it be the Army, the police, or the civil service. That’s something to be encouraged. Muslims who have a stake in Britain won’t want to blow it up.

You wish it wasn’t so, Cristina. You rather not encourage it. If your daughter gets raped or murdered you will find that Muslim policemen or a Muslim judiciary will do little do be of assistance. In the meantime, read Koran, sira & hadith, you might learn something. And may the burqa rest lightly on your shoulders!

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  1. What is it with some women and their (wet?) dreams about Islamists? They should ask Hirsi Ali how it feels to be genitally mutilated as a little girl etc. etc. etc. !!!

  2. these people are evil. I hope they band the qur’an in AMERICA and there stupid is a disgrace to AMERICA and AMERICANS . and it should be to LONDON I hope my step son stays away from this hateful group. If you know Everett Charles with an AMERICAN Dad tell him hi for me

  3. When are people in the West going to wake up to know the real evils of Islam and muslims, there are no moderate muslims, don’t be fooled. see

  4. Politically Correct, Multi Culti Moral Equivalence spouting moonbats like Chritine are part of UK’s problem and certainly not the solution.

  5. No matter how friendly you may think certain Muslims are – their faith teaches that they must be prepared to die for it. So even though they are legion in Britain – when push comes to shove – they won’t be fighting for their adoptive country ……..oh no …..they will be fighting the people that kindly gave them a comfortable living and a home. No way will they fight for Britain – you couldn’t trust them anyway… be prepared.

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