Judenrein Palistan


The West supports a Judenrein Palestine

Now that the PA request for a Judenrein state was confirmed, I thought I should repost this excellent article.

By Matthew M. Hausman, (first posted in Mar 2011)

In seeking to impose a Palestinian state on Israel, the Obama Administration, European Union, and western media have displayed a cynical contempt for history that is astounding in its breadth and scope. Pressure is brought to bear solely on Israel, who is expected to sacrifice sovereignty and security in the name of an ideal that is premised on a repudiation of the Jews’ right to self-determination in their ancient homeland.

Its not really ‘the west’, take a quick look at who really governs us: (click on image to enlarge)

The Palestinians are expected to concede nothing — not even their oft-stated goal of the phased destruction of Israel. Nothing illustrates the hypocrisy better than a comparison of their demand that Israel accept an Arab “right of return” with their ambition for a state that would be ethnically cleansed of all Jews. Like the Nazis with whom the Mufti and other Arab leaders were so…

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No Junk in the Trunk: UN Palestinian State Vote Bites Jewish Liberals in the Ass

By Debbie Schlussel

To those who are paying attention, a scheduled United Nations vote on Palestinian statehood is just days away (though it’s possible that Obamaniks–rather than suffer embarrassment and American defeat–may do a deal sacrificing more of Israel and getting huge concessions in order to table it). But I don’t blame the anti-American, anti-Israel U.N. I don’t even blame the world’s nations, composed mostly of Third World banana republics, 22 artificially drawn nations carved out of Greater Barbaria a/k/a the Arab Muslim world, and assorted other Jew-haters and America-despisers. I expect these things from these people. Boys will be boys. And barbaric savages will be barbaric savages.

I blame Jewish liberals–the ones who dominate the American Jewish establishment, a Politburo that I and most other American Jews never chose. They are the ones who pimped America on the idea of accepting a “two state solution,” including a Palestinian State and Israel…

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