Mahathir Muhammad: Arab Muslims Are Too Dumb to Pull Off 9/11

Former Malaysian PM Mahathir Muhammad: Arab Muslims lack the know-how to pull off a 9/11-style attack, so the U.S. gov’t must have done it

Rest assured that he brags about what a great victory the Muslims have achieved on 9/11 when he is with his Arab friends.

The curious “bless our hearts, we’re incompetent” defense by people who are otherwise strident, triumphalist Islamic supremacists also came up soon after the 9/11 attacks, as the Taliban moved to protect its al-Qaeda “guests.”

Mahathir is thus not the first to use this line, though he is well known for his advanced case of antisemitism and conspiracy paranoia, having alleged in 2003 that “the Jews rule the world by proxy,” and having said in 1970 that “the Jews are not only hooked-nosed … but understand money instinctively. Jewish stinginess and financial wizardry gained them the economic control of Europe and provoked antisemitism.” More of his antics and quotable quotes can be found here.

“Malaysia’s Mahathir: 9/11 not work of Muslims,” from Agence France-Presse, September 11 (thanks to JW):

The long-serving former Malaysian premier Mahathir Mohamad says Arab Muslims are incapable of carrying out the 9/11 attacks on the United States that killed nearly 3,000 people.

The ageing firebrand, who was in power in Malaysia at the time of the attacks and stepped down in 2003 after 22 years in power, slammed former US president George W. Bush ahead of the 10-year anniversary Sunday of 9/11.

Washington blames the attacks on Al-Qaeda.

Does the AFP have an alternative theory they’d like to share?

“Bush lied about Saddam?s weapons of mass destruction… If they can lie so as to kill Iraqis, Afghans and American soldiers, it is not unthinkable for Bush & Co. to lie about who was responsible for 9/11,” the 86-year-old wrote in his blog on Friday.

Listing out reasons in line with a conspiracy theory that the US government was behind the attacks, he wrote the Twin Towers in New York “came down nicely upon themselves”.

“I believe Arab Muslims are angry enough to sacrifice their lives and become suicide bombers. But they or their handlers do not strike me as capable of planning and strategising such attacks so as to maximise the damage to the enemy,” he said.

Mahathir, a fierce critic of the West, is known for his anti-Jewish and anti-American statements in Muslim-majority Malaysia.

Last year, he said if the US could make the 3D science fiction film Avatar, “they can make anything”, adding there was strong evidence that the 9/11 attacks were staged.

He has also condemned Bush and then-British prime minister Tony Blair as “child killers” and “war criminals”, saying they should be put on trial for the military invasion of Iraq.

Another Malaysian Headbanger Gives the Game Away:

“I gave a sermon saying Islamic justice is not just for Muslims but also for Jews or even those at odds with Islam itself.
It’s a tad surprising that these (non) revelations about Islam were permitted to be published in a Malaysian-government-controlled newspaper in the first place. Nevertheless, it’s worth reminding both Malaysians and non Malaysians alike on what Islam is all about according to the Muslims themselves. And as these choice tidbits come from a cleric and ‘influential Muslim scholar’, the usual cries of ‘Islamophobia’ and whatnot will ring more hollow than usual. “Dr Asri: Restriction of Islam could provoke apostasy”, by G Manimaran, The Malaysian Insider, September 7th, 2011:

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 7 — Influential Muslim scholar Dr Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin today accused religious authorities of using a colonial system to restrict Islam, saying this could further provoke apostasy.

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  1. Well Mahatir, agree that you are stupid, but you and your ilk are incredibly evil, and evil can accomplish a lot if allowed to flourish.

  2. This is the essence of their complaints about DA JOOOOZ; half what they spew comes down to ” Jews are so much smarter than we are!” Things that if others said them to them, they would take as a mortal insult! This is how you know terrorists are dumb; they are so dumb, they don;t even know how dumb they are.

  3. A creature need not be smart to wreak havoc.

    The flu virus carries negligible information or intelligence; as a virus, it has so little genetic material of its own that it has to hijack a host cell in order to get what it needs to thrive and spread. (Remind you of anything?) Yet it has killed tens of millions of human beings within the past century.

  4. If IslamoKazi’s are so dumb how is it they are able to cause so much death and destruction ‘throughout’ the world today?

  5. Mohammedans like Mahathir certainly are stupid if they think any sane person is going to swallow his BS.

  6. “DR” Mahatir’s daily dreck:

    Former Malaysian Prime Minister: Arabs not smart enough to have conducted 9-11 attacks
    (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    More of the same. Seems to be his fav subject:

    Former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad is not only a shameless and well-known anti-Semite, jihadist enabler, and apologist slash propagandist extraordinaire for Islam. He’s also an unrepentant racist to boot. Among his more stunning recent ‘insights’ is the conviction that Arabs are apparently too stupid to be able to pull off acts of mass murder like the 9-11 attacks. Only smart folks like the ones at the Mossad, CIA, NSA, or PTA would be gifted enough to conspire at the requisite level, according to the well-educated and ever-popular ‘Doctor M.’ Of course, there’s barely a shred of evidence for any of this, even in the Malaysian media. But anyone who might have the temerity to need actual evidence to support Dr. M’s preposterous charges must clearly be a harmony-destroying Islamophobe.

    Imagine the uproar that would instantly ensue from groups like the NAACP et al had any politician of note in the West dared to utter accusations even remotely similar to Mahathir’s daily dreck. Of course, as Mahathir is a Muslim and a supposedly ‘moderate’ one at that, he will no doubt earn a pass and a blind eye from the West. Meanwhile, millions of Muslims both here in Malaysia and beyond will continue to fervently believe, and believe in, him. From “Dr. M: Arabs incapable of conducting 9/11 attacks”, by Michelle Chun, The Sun Daily, 19 November 2012:
    KUALA LUMPUR (Nov 19, 2012): Arabs lack the discipline and organisational skills needed to plan and carry out detailed attacks such as the Sept 11 tragedy, former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said today.

    Questioning the authenticity of the official story on the tragedy which shook the world, Mahathir said the “9/11” attacks involved “very complex elements which needed detailed planning, precise timings and disciplined execution” that he feels Arabs lack.

    “I can imagine trained operatives like those in the Central Intelligence Agency (USA) or Mossad (Israel) planning and executing this complex operation, but I cannot imagine an Arab like Osama bin Laden planning and directing this sophisticated aerial attacks from some remote place in Afghanistan,” he said.

    Mahathir was speaking at the one-day International Conference on “9/11 Revisited: Seeking the Truth” organised by the Perdana Global Peace Foundation.

    “The official explanation for the destruction of the World Trade Centre twin towers is still about an attack by suicidal Muslim extremists.

    “But even among Americans this explanation is beginning to wear thin and being questioned,” he said.

    Among experts and academics seeking the ‘real story’ behind the tragedy is architect Richard Gage, founder of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth.

    “To date, there are 1,500 architects and engineers who believe there is direct evidence of explosive destruction used in controlled demolition of buildings, as they collapsed within seconds.

    “Molten steel also indicates extremely high temperatures which could not have been caused by fire or jet fuel from the planes,” Gage said.

    Economist Prof Michel Chossudovsky said 9/11 has always been the pretext and trigger for the United States-led “global war on terror and subsequent declarations of war on several countries”.

    “People never questioned this because they were so emotionally affected by the massive loss of life that day,” he said.

    Chossudovsky said this was not about a war between religions, but rather one of economic conquest.

    “Around 65% to 70% of global oil and gas reserves are located in Islamic countries.

    “9/11 was the pretext used for the demonisation of Muslims and creation of Islamophobia, and subsequently the declarations of war on Afghanistan and Iraq,” he said.

    One has to wonder how much of the Quran or other Islamic scripture that useful idiots like Messrs Gage and Chossudovsky have actually read.

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