Muslims are the best killers… of other Muslims.

Something we’ve been pointing out for years.

Yes, Muslims kill Muslims

The difference here is simply that a Muslim (Danyal Noorani) states the obvious:

 While having a conversation with my driver, regarding the Eid bombings of a Shia mosque in Quetta he said, “The Taliban couldn’t be responsible for the attack, since a Muslim would never attack people in a mosque.” Even after thousands of people have been killed in suicide bombings by religious extremists, a large number of Pakistanis still have misplaced sympathies for extremists or fail to hold them accountable. This mindset needs to be challenged and the myth that “Muslims don’t kill other Muslims” needs to be debunked once and for all. (source)

But don’t take my word for it:

Former Afghan president killed in latest turban bombing

Which causes more global outrage: a cartoon of a turban bomb, or real turban bombscausing real casualties? “Former Afghan President Burhanuddin Rabbani assassinated,” by Laura King for the Los Angeles Times, September 20:9  (JW)

Islam elevates women:

Acid attacks: 7 women burned in two days

No doubt its just a tiny minority of excremists who misunderstand their peaceful religion. Real Muslims wouldn’t do a thing like that…..

Taliban blamed amid multiple claims of responsibility for Karachi suicide attack on police chief

Pakistan’s own policy of attempts at steam control and leveraging of jihadist groups to its own purpose has increased the bloodshed suffered by its citizens. “Eight die in attack on Karachi police officer’s home,” from BBC News, September 19:

France Today:

Shitties Roasted:
  • 26 Shiite Pilgrims Lined Up and Shot…  Islamabad • Suspected Sunni extremists opened fire on Shiite Muslim pilgrims traveling by bus through southwest Pakistan on Tuesday on their way to in Iran, killing 26 people, officials and survivors said.


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