'Out of context' downunder

by Ahmed Kilani from  MuslimVillage.com has a good whinge  at Today Tonight’s “false depiction of Muslims”.

 What Today Tonight have done is not only take selected quotes completely out of context to create what can be best described as a “beat up” on Australian Muslims, but they have deliberately not disclosed the source and hidden the context of the letter to enable their claims not to be scrutinised. This is unprofessional and unethical journalism at best.

Ahmed whines:

“…they have deliberately not disclosed the source and hidden the context of the letter..”– too bad you can’t identify the target and assassinate  the enemies of Islam, Ahmed.  Protecting your sources is the first obligation of professional journalism.

Ahmed yammers on:

‘ Sheikh Shady Al Suleiman spoke about “love and acceptance” at the iftar, he was then shocked to listen to his sermons given at Lakemba Mosque (which Today Tonight played a section of). Sheikh Shady informed me that his quotes were taken completely out of context …’

‘Today Tonight chose to use a British based ex-Muslim Maryam Namazie and the known Islamophobe Cory Bernardi, as some sort of expert commentators on Australian Muslims.’

Lets shut up the shock jocks:

As an Australian and a Muslim, like everyone else in our community I am fed up with shock jocks and tabloid media like Today Tonight depicting our community in a negative, stereotypical and sensationalist manner. Most of the stories that are run about Muslims are far too often either huge distortions of the truth or just out right lies, as in this story. From a professional point of view, they are also amateurish and showed sloppy “journalism”.

I guess Ahmed wouldn’t know ‘professionalism’ if it came to bite him in his weenie.

‘War on Islam’

Is it any wonder with all this blatant Islamophobic depiction of Muslims that many believe that the war on terror is in reality a war on Islam – the argument being that the mainstream media is being used in the ideological battle for the hearts and minds as a support for the physical battle of war.

One would hope that in the wake of the recent investigations into the behaviour of certain sections of the media in Britain and soon Australia, that journalists will begin to lift their game. Perhaps it won’t change their modus operandi, but hopefully it will at least show some of them up as the unethical and unprofessional “journalists” they have become.

Ahmed, compared to us from the counter jihad you lot have been getting a free ride from the media. 

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  1. Australian Muslims call for 2MFM to be shutdown – Australian infidels call for Lakemba Mosque to be shut down.

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