Quick, tell Jooliar to send another $ 500 million dollars to Indonesia to build mosques & madrassas….

When they bomb Christian churches, we built them mosques and madrassas to keep us safe from the ‘radicals’. Its a real give and take situation. We should fund Islamic schools for our own good, you see: because if we don’t, the radicals are coming to terrorize us and murder our children……

Suicide bomb attack at Indonesian church — one dead, 20 injured

In this late breaking story from Indonesia, it appears that, miraculously, no one has been killed except for the homicide bomber at an attack at a church today in central Java. But will the intended victims be so lucky next time? Of there being a ‘next time’, we can be dreadfully certain of that. “Suicide bomb attack at Indonesia church injures 20”, MSNBC, 25 Sept 2011:

JAKARTA, Indonesia — A suicide bomber attacked an Indonesian church packed with hundreds of worshippers [sic] Sunday, killing himself and wounding at least 20 other people, police and hospital officials said.


The blast in Solo town in Central Java province occurred just as people were filing out at the end of the service.

“Everyone was screaming,” a witness told Metro TV. “I saw fiery sparks and, near the entrance, a man dead on the ground, his entrails spilling out. People around him were splattered with blood,” said Fani, who goes by only one name, like many Indonesians.

It was not immediately clear who was behind the bombing.

Indonesia, a predominantly Muslim nation of 237 million, has been hit by a string of suicide bombings blamed on the al-Qaida-linked network Jemaah Islamiyah and its offshoots since 2002, when a strike on two Bali nightclubs killed 202 people, most of them foreign tourists.

Subsequent attacks have been far less deadly, however, and the last occurred more than two years ago, owing to a security crackdown that led to the arrests and convictions of hundreds of Islamic militants.

Not clear who was behind the bombing? Did the writer of this mainstream media piece read his own words? Of course at this point we cannot jump to conclusions, but there’s almost no doubt as to the identity of the ideology these perpetrators will have their allegiance to.

Witnesses said they believed the perpetrator was not a church member.

“He walked about 4 meters (yards) behind me,” Abraham, who attended the service, told El Shinta radio. “I believe he was disguised as a churchgoer.”

Not a member of the church, eh? The maxim “war is deceit” is not part of the teachings of the church, but is indeed the teachings of another belief system.

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