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Bunglwussi Rage

Muslims really hate it when they get a dose of their own medicine.

 “Just a tiny tiny little mosque”

Outed councellor seeks “petty revenge” after being voted out in the last election, tries to inflict a mosque on “sickened”  residents.

 Last Chance

Failed asylum seeker strangled and drowned bakery worker who refused to marry him so he could stay in the UK  ‘His last chance of staying in the UK was for him to marry an EU citizen’

Fake Marriage

A “RESPECTED” religious teacher at a Wakefield mosque is beginning a 12-month prison sentence for his role in his brother’s sham marriage in the city.   Zafar Iqbal, 33, was jailed alongside Czech ‘bride’ Milada Gabcova.

Brits Escape to Poland

Its better in the land of John Sobiesky:

‘It is a cultural thing to speak your mind and be honest. That is the way British men communicate with each other, so finding such directness in a woman, and not having to constantly guess what you have done wrong, is an attractive trait.’  (Daily Mail)

Melanie Phillips on Islam in Britian

Unfortunatley she has blinkered views on Australia, and the Howard gov’t is long gone. Besides, the Howard Costello team was not the staunch defenders of Western culture and civilization  as she claims:

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  1. I don’t consider Cardinal Pell the fount of all wisdom when it comes to Islam.

    As for John Howard, he introduced an effective border protection policy which Rudd and Gillard demolished, but I don’t believe he has much of an understanding of the political agenda of Islam.

    The current leader of the opposition is Tony Abbott and he is on record as stating that he supports multiculturalism.

    So most politicans in Australia are clueless about political islam except for one or two like Senator Bernadi.

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