They Demand Respect, But They Respect Nothing….

Not even the sanctity of an embassy. Imagine we would attack the Egyptian or Pakistani or any other Muselmanic embassy in the west! Not only would our own governments and police shoot to kill, but the ‘Muslim World’ would go apeshit and start killing any Westerner wherever they could be found….

Egypt: Radical Headbangers Break Into Israeli Embassy

As usual, there is the blame game and the Muslim grievance theater:

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

Israeli ambassador and senior staff leave Egypt after embassy attack; rescue of guards behind “last door” after telephoned appeals by Obama administration and Netanyahu

A clearer picture is beginning to emerge of how ugly the situation became in the embassy building. An update on this story. “PM: I am glad we avoided danger in embassy attack,” from the Jerusalem Post, September 10:

Prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu responded on Saturday to the previous night’s attack on Israel’s embassy in Cairo, saying that the situation could have been much more severe if the protesters had succeeded in breaking through the last door and reaching the Israeli security guards hiding within.

But hey, nothing do with Islam, because all they really want is peace, right?

“we know 100% that Allah wants us to be a catalyst for peace,”

said Sheikh Moussa Drammeh. That peace comes when all the infidels are murdered or forcibly converted. Read more: (Source)

Given the chance, they will try again, and try to go further.

“I am glad that we succeeded in avoiding danger,” he said.

Netanyahu thanked US President Barack Obama and the Egyptian forces for their help in extracting the security guards from the embassy during what he termed a “blatant violation of international norms.”

“Egypt cannot ignore this hard hit to peace with Israel,” the prime minister warned.

Opposition leader Tzipi Livni in a statement that “The break into the Israeli embassy in Cairo was a very serious event in Egyptian-Israeli relations.”

“Peace between Israel and Egypt is of strategic interest to both states and we need to preserve it,” she added.

Israel’s ambassador to Egypt and senior staff were evacuated on Saturday following the mass demonstration in which hundreds of Egyptians stormed the building housing Israel’s mission and threw embassy documents and its national flag from windows.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke by phone with guards at the Israeli embassy as they were besieged by the mob, reassuring them they would be rescued, aides said.

After telephoned appeals by Netanyahu to Cairo’s interim military rulers and the Obama administration, Egyptian security forces extracted the guards before dawn. Another Netanyahu aide said the Israelis’ heads were covered to throw off the crowd.

This is an interesting report from France 24. I find the omission of reporting, or showing, the burning of the Israeli flag as well as the interview of the person who took it off of the building (and presumably burned it) where he says: “They must all die” (at around 22 seconds), presumably referring to Israelis, as interesting. Clearly the propaganda campaign against Israel and Jews for the past several decades in Muslim nations has paid dividends.

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  2. I cannot think of a reason why any infidel country would diplomatic relations with a koranimal country. Or any other relationship, for that matter.

  3. New York Times: Assault on Israeli embassy lasted 13 hours; embassy itself was breached

    The Vienna Convention on Consular Relations, Article 27, 1a.: “the receiving State shall, even in case of armed conflict, respect and protect the consular premises, together with the property of the consular post and the consular archives.”

    Article 31, 1: “Consular premises shall be inviolable to the extent provided in this article.” [And no, mobs of thugs don’t come up as an exception.]

    Article 33: “The consular archives and documents shall be inviolable at all times and wherever they may be.”

    Article 40: “The receiving State shall treat consular officers with due respect and shall take all appropriate steps to prevent any attack on their person, freedom or dignity.”

    Said one diplomat: “It has led to a complete loss of credibility in the [Egyptian] government internationally from all directions.” This is indeed a crucial moment for the “new” Egypt to prove it can act like a governable country. It is already scrambling to appear in control of the Sinai, and the same may yet become true for Cairo.

    If they fail, the security vacuum will be filled by Islamic parties. “Israelis Flee Cairo Embassy as Protesters Invade Offices,” by David Kirkpatrick and Ethan Bronner for the New York Times, September 10:

    CAIRO — Israel sent a pair of military jets into Cairo at dawn on Saturday to evacuate its embassy staff after six members had been trapped in the embassy overnight by thousands of protesters who invaded the building and tossed documents from the windows. […]
    The violence also raised concerns about whether Egypt’s military-led transitional government would be able to maintain law and order and meet its international obligations, and to what extent popular rage unleashed by the Arab Spring would send a chill over the region.
    Not only the police on the scene, but the entire Egyptian security apparatus was apparently dragging its feet:

    Throughout the night, desperate Israeli officials had placed several calls to their American counterparts seeking help to pressure the Egyptians to take more action to protect the embassy. Defense Minister Ehud Barak called Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta, and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called President Obama, Israeli and American officials said.
    In Washington, the White House said in a statement that Mr. Obama had “expressed his great concern” about the embassy situation in his conversation with Mr. Netanyahu. The statement said Mr. Obama called on the government of Egypt “to honor its international obligations to safeguard the security of the Israeli Embassy.”
    Israeli officials said the six trapped embassy staff members were rescued by Egyptian commandos early Saturday morning, after hours when Egyptian military and security forces had appeared to stand idle on the sidelines for fear of confronting the mob.
    Fear, or sympathy? Not that fear is an excuse by any stretch of the imagination. If the military and security forces are afraid of a mob, Egypt has an even bigger problem.

    “This went on for 13 hours and there was real concern for the safety and lives of our people,” an Israeli official said. “The mob penetrated the embassy and at the end there was only one wall separating it from six of our people.”
    Israel flew out its ambassador and about 85 other diplomats and family members, leaving behind only one diplomat, the deputy ambassador, who took refuge in the American Embassy, diplomats familiar with the arrangements said. […]
    For Egypt’s interim military rulers, allowing the invasion of a foreign embassy is an extraordinary breach of Egypt’s international commitments that is raising security concerns at other embassies as well.
    The U.S. has denied reports by Al-Ahram of an attack on its embassy in Cairo.

    “It has led to a complete loss of credibility in the government internationally from all directions,” a Western diplomat said, speaking on condition of anonymity because of the delicacy of the situation. And it poses a new dilemma for the military council, which has sought to avoid confrontations with protesters and, often, to accede to the popular will to guard its own tenuous legitimacy….
    Here, “steam control” became a loss of control.

  4. Surely attacking an Embassy, a Countries SOVEREIGN Territory, is an ACT OF WAR. Israel should treat it as such but then they have allowed Palestinian SCUM to bombard them from Gaza without doing so for decades and so set a precedent. It is way beyond time that Mohammedan cesspit countries are held responsible for the acts of THEIR citizens countries such as the TERRORIST supporting, enabling and harbouring failed state of Pakistan and the TERRORIST funding and enabling state of Saudi Arabia which supplied 15 of the nineteen 9/11 Terrorist SCUM AND OBAMA Bin Laden .

  5. Egypt: Crowd near Israeli embassy turns on journalists, accusing them of being Israeli and American spies
    Surprise: Egyptian military chief Tantawi did not respond to Israeli PM or defense minister during embassy attack: Egyptians were “unable to locate him”

  6. “…Mr. Obama had “expressed his great concern” about the embassy situation in his conversation with Mr. Netanyahu. …”

    How doth the little crocodile
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    On every golden scale!

    How cheerfully he seems to grin,
    How neatly spreads his claws,
    And welcomes little fishes in
    With gently smiling jaws!

  7. our gove is one sick bunch of what is suppose to be men. I guess we the people will have to show them how it is done

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