U.K.: Former head of MI5 hopes for "political" solution with al-Qaeda, says 9/11 attacks were not an act of war, just a "crime"

England should outsource intelligence to the kebab shops, they could save a lot of money. Or perhaps they should try and sell this turkey for the price of meat.  These former ‘heads of M15’ are not only a huge embarrassment, they are a danger to themselves and the nation.

You’d think nearly 3,000 Americans had gotten their car doors keyed on 9/11. No, they were murdered at their desks, or as captives aboard airliners by a group that wanted jihad, that had declared jihad, and that considered itself at war in a jihad against the United States.

How soon we forget — but not all of us. “Former MI5 boss wants Al Qaeda settlement,” by Rachel Brown for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, September 3:

The former head of MI5, Britain’s intelligence unit, says she hopes the UK and US are looking at different ways to talk to Al Qaeda.

Eliza Manningham-Buller, who ran MI5 until 2007, has used a BBC lecture to say she hopes British and US intelligence are examining who to talk to within Al Qaeda, as well as how and what could be discussed.

But she says negotiations are still a way off.

Baroness Manningham-Buller says military and security responses to terrorism can only go so far and eventually a political settlement with terror groups is needed.

If we can’t engage the ideology of the enemy and confront putative allies who are playing a double game, then yes, we are painting ourselves into that corner. But it is not a foregone conclusion.

She says the September 11 attacks were “a crime, not an act of war”.

She adds she has always the phrase “war on terror” unhelpful, saying the Iraq invasion was a distraction in the West’s pursuit of Al Qaeda.

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  1. Rotten at the core:

    Former MI5 chief: West can compromise with al-Qaeda

    In 2007, MI5 chief Jonathan Evans reported that his agency estimated there to be at least 2,000 terror suspects in Britain — up 400 on the previous year. It would be foolish to blame Evans, who had taken over the position only in April. And it would be unfair to lay the blame for the rise of Islamic extremism on the MI5. It is the “elite” culture of political correctness and cultural relativism that has made tackling Islamist terrorism and its ideology so difficult. We know by now that much of the UK Government, and much of the media, has habitually, even pathologically, turned a blind eye to extremism, and has even worked with ideological extremists. In some cases this was occurring prior to 9/11. Still, no matter how used to political correctness we may be, the recent comments by former MI5 chief Baroness Manningham-Buller must come as something as a surprise.

    In the first of her BBC Reith lectures on the theme of “Securing Freedom,” the former MI5 chief says she believes the 9/11 attacks was “a crime, not an act of war.” In her role as leader of Britain’s military intelligence agency she had, she says, always found the phrase, “War on Terror,” to be “unhelpful.”

    Baroness Manningham-Buller has said that 9/11 was not an act of war.
    Military and intelligence responses can only take the process so far, and negotiations are inevitable, she believes. Baroness Manningham-Buller asserts, ”you have to reach a political settlement” with terrorist organizations. She believes negotiations to be some way off, but hopes that there are people “in the American intelligence world and in our own, [who] are thinking exactly[…] who to talk to, how to talk to them and what we might discuss.”

    The mind boggles. Al-Qaeda, and other fanatical Islamist terrorist groups and networks have expressed interest in using weapons of mass destruction against Western nation states, including nuclear and biological weapons. Followers of al-Qaeda in the West make it quite clear that they intend to establish a worldwide Caliphate, with all people subject to the sharia.


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