Utterly Bizarre: yet another terrorist Muslim gets off

I think the judge has got this exactly the wrong way around:

A MUSLIM terror suspect who wounded a policeman in a gunfight escaped conviction on serious shooting charges after a judge found “anti-Muslim sentiment” made him fear for his safety… 

Sgt Wolsey had been asked by a supervisor to arrest the man, wanted over terrorism-related offences. .. Sgt Wolsey stated he and Sgt Bates spoke to the man who spun around, pulled a Browning pistol out of his pants and fired.

Judge Flannery accepted it was a reasonable possibility he may have focused on Sgt Bates during the arrest, not noticed Sgt Wolsey, and fired a “warning shot in panic”.

Andrew Bolt

No, it’s the gunfire that causes that sentiment in the first place


But wait, there’s more: Bleeding Hearts Judiciary

A judge slammed the feds yesterday for the successful sting that snared four Muslim converts in a plot to bomb two Riverdale synagogues and shoot down military planes upstate.

“I’m not proud of my government for what it did in this case,” Manhattan federal Judge Colleen McMahon said before sentencing the last of the anti-Semitic schemers. (Source)


2 thoughts on “Utterly Bizarre: yet another terrorist Muslim gets off”

  1. The courts in New South Wales get it wrong again. The justice system is a game, the whole system is broken. Judges get lifetime appointments and are not investigated or accountable for stupid decisions. Sentences are out of touch with community standards. Evidence is withheld from juries for being too prejudicial, even though it is relevant. There is no search for the truth, and the rich get better results because they can afford better lawyers. Overall, the whole court system is a game. This clip pretty well sums up how the system has failed everyone except the lawyers (cut/paste URL) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iHFa30pD3N8
    You will see juries misled and offenders literally getting away with murder.

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