Allahu akbar: honest Muslim in Belgium tells it like it its…..

 “All your Belgium are belong to us…”

“Let’s turn Belgium into an Islamic state. We reject democracy. To all infidels, adjust or get out. My mission is to please Allah only!”

Muslim panelist warns, “One of the debate conditions is that our (meshugga) profit Muhammad, the Quran, and Allah is not allowed to be insulted. I am not responsible for whatever happens to anyone who insults Islam.” (Is that a threat?)

Filip DeWinter, head of the “right wing, anti-Islam” Vlaams Belang party, denounces Belgium and all of Europe for even tolerating this kind of crap from Muslims.

Thanks to Barenaked Islam for this important video.

What you see here is a compilation of stunning quotes by Abu Imran, the leader of the fundamentalist organization Sharia4Belgium.For example, he declares that a Muslim can never be a democrat, that all Muslims are obliged to support terrorism as a part of Jihad, and that every insult to the Prophet should be dreadfully avenged.

In the video you’ll hear the Sharia4Belgium representative being brutally frank about his vision for Belgium’s place in the coming Caliphate. It’s obvious that there are no laws against sedition in Belgium — or at least none that are enforced against Muslim fanatics. (GoV)


In other news, the woman who made this documentary about the social malaise in Belgium is being called racist – because the people who harassed her were immigrants.

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