Australia: why would those who have no honor respect someone elses?

Is Free Speech No Longer Valued in Australia?

The new enemies of free speech are many

 “We have been living under an asinine law ever since the Keating government introduced it in 1995. …”

Peter Coleman gets a very worrying insight into the totalitarian instincts of today’s Left – and many in the media who cater to it: the next step is licensing propaganda-resistent journo’s:

Once you critize the regime of
-Stalin, it was a one ticket to the gulag.
-Hitler, it was a one way ticket to the concentration camp
-Saddam, it was a straight bullet in your head
-Australia,on the road to bankrupcy, what will it be?

Just when you thought you’d seen it all:

A Marxist comes out in the defense of free speech:

More reaction    (Andrew Bolt)

Other Peoples Money

 ‎”Capitalism is the unequal distribution of wealth. Socialism is the equal distribution of poverty”

-Winston Churchill

The New Civility

Andrew Bolt hurting feelings, again:

Wacademic Susan Mitchell, author of a new book on Tony Abbott, says the Opposition Leader is just too rude:

The author blamed Mr Abbott ”for a decline in civility in our political discourse”…

Mitchell then demonstrates what a more civil political discourse is like, when conducted by a woman of the Left:  Hand Mitchell a mirror

 Hanson unloads on Gillard

Pauline Hanson will ring a lot of bells with her assessment of Julia Gillard:

I don’t think she has the vision, I don’t think she has the leadership and I think she is the worst prime minister we have ever had and that’s the general feel of people I speak to.

There will be no Big Australia under the government I lead

There’s what Labor says and what Labor does:

TRADE Minister Craig Emerson has reignited the Big Australia debate by insisting Australia must boost immigration levels to fully exploit its potential in the “Asian century”.

In a move that puts him at odds with Julia Gillard’s 2010 election campaign call for “a sustainable Australia, not a big Australia”, Dr Emerson has warned that labour and skills shortages threaten to restrict the nation’s capacity to lift exports and must be met with higher immigration levels.

Aborigines who want to develop their country apparently aren’t real Aborigines, according to whites who know better how they should live:  Green protesters know better than Aborigines what’s good for them

Never thought anyone could make me hate green that much:

Bad government, but good insight – into the Greens

Janet Albrechtsen says one benefit from having had a year of this deeply compromised government is that the Greens have finally been exposed>>>

Tim Blair:

Carbon Cate turns shy:  CHOPPER CATE  

2 thoughts on “Australia: why would those who have no honor respect someone elses?”

  1. Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s boychild Infidel
    will be born on Christmas Day

    Ayaan interviewed by Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center

    (Boney M, Mary’s Boychild Jesus Christ…)

  2. I hate how sly and underhand our Politicians have become – the cunningly contrived changes to our way of living. When we landed on Australia’s fair shores in 1965 – what a vibrant, young and go-ahead country it was.. The world was everyone’s oyster in Oz. The opportunities were endless, jobs were plentiful, no dole – but then why would we want the dole – just about everyone was working. Now – everything is coming apart at the seams – here in Tasmania we have Mental, Disability and Medical services being drastically cut. One cut proposed just recently – 25beds and jobs to go at the Royal Hobart Hospital – that is just the beginning – more cuts are planned. Some people have been waiting years for elective surgery and will probably die before there is any chance of getting it. Transparency in Government spending does not exist – money has been erroneously spent and the Labour Government has sold Tasmania down the Swanee.

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