Care & Compassion in China

What’s happened to China?

THE fate of a toddler left comatose after being knocked down by a van in a market – with her mangled body run over by a second vehicle and ignored by 18 passers-by – has prompted an outpouring of soul-searching and self-revulsion across China…

“… dissect their brains and see  what medicine the Communist Party has been feeding us to make them like the walking dead,” wrote one widely forwarded post on the Chinese equivalent of Twitter…  The 57-year-old rag collector who finally moved her ran from shop to shop to find the toddler’s parents and was repeatedly told to mind her own business.  (Andrew Bolt)

In other news: 

China is closing in on having 1 million millionaires.  According to an annual wealth report released on Tuesday, the mainland has 960,000 millionaires with personal wealth of 10 million yuan ($1.5 million) or more.   That is up 9.7 percent year-on-year, said the GroupM Knowledge – Hurun Wealth Report 2011.

“For most luxury brands, the Chinese luxury consumers are now No 1: either representing the biggest market share or the fastest-growing,”– Chinese millionaires average 39 years old, a full 15 years younger than their Western counterparts. Thirty percent of the millionaires are female, the same as last year.

Meanwhile, in the prison camps  of North Korea mothers kill and eat their children:

Breitbart (Video)

“My entire family went to prison. Some were taken to the mountains; others were put in different labor camps all because of my grandfather’s one mistake: he escaped to South Korea during the Korean War… One time a mother put her 9-year-old daughter in this big cast iron pot and boiled her. She was a too big for the pot so the mother had to chop her legs and head to fit the body in the pot… It is hard to talk about but I want the world to see these images and to hear my testimony.”


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