France Sucks: Muselmob forces police to release Muslims who attacked Jews

“…there was hysterical hatred emanating from the attackers.”


A group of girls of North African Muslim origin insulted and attacked some Jews in the Vigneux area of Paris. They shouted “Look at the cursed race … dirty Jews … fuck Jews…” before launching a physical attack on them. One of the Jews had to be taken to hospital with a broken arm. Others were also injured.

Islam vs Europe  After a complaint was made to the police, the perpetrators were arrested. But according to witnesses, they had to be released under pressure from a group of Muslims besieging the police station. The victims and eye-witnesses stated that there was hysterical hatred emanating from the attackers.

When Islam moves in, freedom moves out:

In an earlier case, a French Policeman was convicted for releasing a video of an unprovoked attack on a young Frenchman by a pack of rabid Muslims on a bus in Paris in 2008.

Live Leak  As they beat him, they shouted insults like “fils de pute” [son of a bitch] and “Français de merde” [French shit].

The whole incident was captured by the bus’s on-board camera. A policeman later published the video on his Facebook page. When the video spread around the internet, the policeman was charged with “violation of professional confidentiality”. He has just been convicted and sentenced to two months in prison (suspended) and will be required to pay 5000 euros in compensation to the victim of the attack.

If you want to get a better idea about what it is like having to put up with Muselmaniacs (les Algeriennes & les Maroccaines)  in France check this out:

Bienvenue a Marseille 

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  1. Pathetic, cowardly police should have fought back. How bloody embarrassing for the French.

  2. Agree – if this happens here I will personally start killing the muslims as an asistance to the police. Bloody muslim scum!!!!!!

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