Geert Wilders: "EU Commissioner Cecilia Malmström a Hippie & Terrible Person"

‘a hippie and a terrible person’- that’s a great understatement.

Commies rule the EUSSR:

EU Commissioner for Internal Affairs, Cecilia Malmstrom:

“Europe will urgently need these migrants to take care of aged Europeans, who have neglected to produce enough children to do the job.”

There is nothing in the Koran that obliges the soldiers of allah to take care of aging unbelievers.

The Koran says ‘kill the unbelievers wherever you find them’ and wipe the infidels out to the last’.

Totalitarian allures:

Cecilia Malmström may punish countries – like Germany – that don’t adopt a directive  which required six month storage of all telecom and Internet data as a tactic for law enforcement. The Germans, however, have taken snooping to new heights, in fact “way beyond the rules”…..

Netherlands: Wilders Calls EU Commissioner a Hippie and ‘Terrible Person’

Cecilia Malmström, the European commissioner in charge of home affairs is a ‘left-wing hippie’ and ‘should have been sacked’, Geert Wilders, leader of the anti-Islam PVV party says in an interview with Friday’s Parool.

In an interview marking the end of the government’s first year in office, Wilders says the PVV will have a problem if the minority cabinet does not succeed in the changing the commission’s mind about an EU immigration policy.

‘Some left-wing hippie or other who calls herself a European Commissioner — Malmström — thinks differently [to the PVV],’ Wilders is quoted as saying.


‘I have not seen the plans. I only know that that half hippie should have been sacked, sooner rather than later. That is a really terrible person,’ Wilders said.

‘If that Annie doesn’t do anything and there is no support, then we have a problem. I hope the cabinet manages to force through amendments where possible.’

Wilders wants the minority government to ensure a 50% reduction in non-western immigration in return for his support on the economy.

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  1. It tickles me to no end when I hear that Wilders is still slamming it to them. He can be sort of abrasive , but says what he thinks needs to be heard . This past week he has flustered a lot of proper parliamentarians and they expressed their “SHOCK ” ! It’s very funny , and the thing to remember is that he is still fighting the fight for freedom , the preservation of his native land against imposers who don’t believe in freedom as we know it, and the right to protest the cancer of Islam. He is not popular in parliament- they would like to get rid of him but he’s still got that unflappable courage.

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