Geller on Hannity, with Michael Goose

Soros Financed Media Matters:  “Hannity  joined in the extremist spirit”

Soros’s mental giants from ‘Media Matters’ saved  the vid,  and used  the opportunity to lecture Geller that  “Most residents of Iran are ethnic Persians, not Arabs”-  Geller declared that Iran was “the only site of the real Arab revolution,” with protesting women in “lipstick, high heels, lipstick, and hijab  and that “ She then “outrageously asserted”  that President Obama “did nothing, (when the mullah’s)  mowed them down in the street.”

(Fact is: Obama did nothing. So where’s the beef?  The protesters were indeed mowed down in the streets, many were arrested and raped or sodomized in jail.)

The  (Soros funded and Obama manufactured hate-generator)  Southern Poverty Law Center  (ugly, corrupt, a false flag operation)  identifies Geller’s organization as an anti-Muslim “hate group,” and (claims)  Geller herself has an extensive history of hate speech and extremist rhetoric – both of which she brought to her Hannity appearance. (criticism of Islam is “hate”,-  what else have  these mindless drones on offer?)

You can read the comedy part on the  Bunglawussi blog or you can watch the vid to the end, when Islamo-Goose Michael Ghouse hands out ‘correct’ Koran translations:  always the da’awa until the bitter end.


One thought on “Geller on Hannity, with Michael Goose”

  1. IR.IRAN
    Threaten us again islamist and you will be found and dealt with. You stupid, ignorant muslim. And next time try and write in the language of the blog, you pathetic moron.

    Incidentally folks. it is unlikely that the message came from iran – it has been generated by Google translate. As has this – just returning the sentiment with intent.

    تهدید دوباره حرکت تند Ùˆ سریع اسلامی Ùˆ به شما خواهد شد Ùˆ با یافت برخورد Ù…ÛŒ شود – با این حال زمانی Ú©Ù‡ طول Ù…ÛŒ کشد .. شما، مسلمان نادان Ùˆ احمق. دفعه بعد سعی کنید Ùˆ نوشتن در زبان از وبلاگ شما احمق احساساتی.

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