Government-Funded Da’wa in Melbourne

Via GoV:

Not only is the local government in North Melbourne giving Islam special treatment, it is using taxpayers’ money to fund Muslim “outreach” — that is, Islamic proselytizing under a different name. In effect, the Australian government is funding the spread of sharia law within its own territory.

From the Sheik:

The argument, as with our ridiculous taxpayer funded mosque & madrassa financing in Indonesia, is that if we pay the jiziya with willing submission to ‘moderates’ the ‘radicals’ will not blow us up.


Paying the moderates to keep us safe from the ‘radicals’ or visa versa is not working too well:

Update 2:


The government’s milk-maid logic  makes Australia the laughing stock of the world. Much to my amazement it gets the blessing from the same Robert McCelland who recently promised us  loudly that there is no room for sharia law downunder.

Paying tribute to Muslims is part of sharia, mr McClelland. Smoke that in your pipe!

Once again, thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video and special thanks for Today Tonight for once telling the truth instead of doing a hatchet job on those who oppose Islamization.

Kudos to Vicky and Penny from the Q-Society for sticking their necks out and for bringing this to the attention of the general public!


6 thoughts on “Government-Funded Da’wa in Melbourne”

  1. Everyone should know by now that you get as much as you are willing to put up with from the government. Try growing a pair.

  2. So are the decision makers on the council muslim? It seems strange so many projects have been created only for the muslim community.

  3. Predictable hissy fits from the Bunglawussi:

    Australian news show promotes rabid Islamophobes

    Wednesday, October 5, 2011

    The Australian news and current affairs show Today Tonight has already established a reputation for “irresponsible anti-Muslim scaremongering.”

    So it is no surprise that a recent news report claims that Darebin Council in Melbourne is “spending ratepayers’ money” on Muslims to “help them spread their faith”.

    In fact the council’s project aims to “dispel myths and misconceptions about Muslims and Islam”, which is rather different from Today Tonight’s characterisation of the initiative as “funding council workers to spread the word of Islam”. And the money doesn’t come from local ratepayers but from the government’s national counter-extremism fund.

    The news report centres on an organisation that it says has “launched a public crusade” against the Darebin Council project. This turns out to be the rabidly Islamophobic Q Society, which campaigns against the “Islamisation of Australia”. Two of the group’s members feature heavily in the report, including its deputy president Vickie Janson, who has written a book entitled Ideological Jihad and promotes the view that “Islam is a totalitarian ideology”. The Q Society website, which is shown complete with a photo of Jihad Watch’s Robert Spencer, is also given a plug.

    Today Tonight demands to know why public money should be spent on persuading non-Muslims that Islam does not represent a threat to them. The answer, of course, is because it is necessary to counter the effect on potentially violent bigots of the Islamophobic propaganda spewed out by the likes of the Q Society and Today Tonight itself.

  4. The old pattern – if we are not willing to serve in local government then the sb muslims will – and you can expect more of Darebin – YOUR RESPONSIBILITY1

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