KRuddish Generosity & Halal Pork

Andrew Bolt: We’re saving the world, but will it notice?

I dunno ’bout you, but I really don’t wanna be saved by these people.

WE’RE bailing out Europe. Investing $20 billion in African mining. Propping up Libya. Kevin Rudd is being dangerously generous with your money, again.

Exactly when did we become such big-noters, with this puffed-up delusion that we could almost single-handedly save the world?

Actually, when I say we, I may just mean our Foreign Affairs Minister Kevin “Fast Bucks” Rudd and some of his more megalomaniacal comrades.  (continued below the fold)

Other  stuff from Downunder:

Pigs Heads vs Mosque:

THE battle to stop a mosque being built in a Gold Coast hinterland estate is turning nasty, with a pig’s head posted on a fence and signs publicising the Islamic project vandalised.

Halal Pork Makes Muselmaniacs Throw Hissy Fits

Another Barenaked Moment:

KRudd continued:

Note: For every 300 people in the world, you’d find just one Australian.

Yet being on this island continent, heroes to ourselves with no immediate neighbours to remind us of our place, it still tends to surprise a lot of Australians when first travelling abroad to discover how truly insignificant we are.

Even in London, home of our Queen, you can scour the papers for days without finding our existence noticed.

Psst. We really aren’t that important to the rest of the world. Yet now observe two news items from two days ago.

First, we’re apparently going to help save wastrel Europeans from a financial reckoning almost entirely self-inflicted:

As a leading world economy, Australia will take a front seat in forging recovery plans for the European financial crisis.

It is a position that does not carry substantial cost, Treasurer Wayne Swan insists.

Er, define “substantial”. From a Government that’s bet $37 billion on the National Broadband Network, I need more information before I take my trembling hand off my wallet.

Next, we’re going to save Africa:

Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd will use the Commonwealth Business Forum in Perth tomorrow to launch a $30 million initiative to foster mining development in Africa.

Excuse me? We’re spending big to help miners invest in Africa? Not Australia, which depends on mining for 40 per cent of our export dollars?

Have I misread something here? Or has Rudd suddenly been made the Foreign Minister of Angola, instead?

The odd thing is that the last time I looked, Africa was already doing just fine in fostering its mining development. Indeed, it’s done so well that more than 200 Australian mining and resources companies have already decided to invest nearly $20 billion there, rather than in a few more projects back here.

As Rudd himself conceded last month: “Australian resources companies have well and truly discovered Africa.” Already.

One reason for that is something even odder: We’ve decided to lead the rest of the world in “saving” the planet from global warming.
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One thought on “KRuddish Generosity & Halal Pork”

  1. How to prevent mosques being built.
    The idea comes from Spain:

    In France :


    Switzerland :
    In Italy, an MP from the Lega Nord walks a piglet on a field where a mosque is to be built
    Other unbearable Islamophobes have urinated on a Quran or even burnt one:

    (the later one was sued and won his trial -the story is derived from a leftist anti-Christian provocation named « piss Christ » and presented as art)
    When does Australia start ?
    (just allow a few months to go by lest the police is sent to get rid of the corpses in the vain hope that the ground is not sullied anymore)

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