Nonie Darwish speaks at Arkansas university; Muslims students claim lecture is tantamount to "inciting to riot."

Because the truth about Islam turns otherwise moderate Muslims  into bloodthirsty Koranimals who have to kill a kafir or a Jew  to ‘defend the image’ of the profit Muhammad:

A small victory for freedom of speech despite the hysterical reactions from the soldiers of allah who tried to prevent her from speaking.

 American Spectator

Muslim students at Arkansas State University tried to prevent a critic of Islamic sharia law from speaking as part of a campus lecture series.

Nonie Darwish, Egyptian-born author of Now They Call Me Infidel, spoke Wednesday at the university in Jonesboro, Arkansas, but only after the chairman of the student Lecture-Concert Series read a protest statement by the president of the ASU Muslim Student Association (MSA). In the decade since the 9/11 terror attacks, Darwish has gained international prominence as an outspoken critic of Islamic culture. She is director of Former Muslims United.

More than 100 Musliim students attended Darwish’s lecture, according to Emily Alexander of the ASU Herald, and walked out en masse midway through, following the example of MSA president Saddique Abobucker. 

Telling the truth about Islam makes you a ‘hate monger’, a bully, and causes riots:

In a letter sent to university administrators Monday, Abobucker and other MSA officers called Darwish a “hate monger,” warned that her lecture would lead to “bullying of Muslim students on campus,” and said that her lecture would be tantamount to “inciting to riot.” The MSA letter “urged the administration and legal department of ASU to stop Darwish from speaking here.”

Islamic extremism has made headlines in Arkansas the past two years after Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad, a 26-year-old American-born Muslim convert, shot two soldiers at a military recruiting office in Little Rock in May 2009. Muhammad, who reportedly told police he shot the soldiers to protest what the U.S. military “had done to Muslims in the past,” wassentenced to life in prison July 25 this year.

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  1. Targetting Darwish

    The recent conviction of the Irvine 11 was a reminder of how far the campus arms of the Muslim Brotherhood will go to silence dissenting speakers. For all their protestations during the trial, they don’t believe in free speech, what they believe in is a monopoly on campus speech.
    Nonie Darwish, an ex-Muslim and an informed critic of Islam, has had her talks assailed by Brotherhood campus affiliates numerous times. In 2009, at Seattle University members of the Muslim Students Association did their best to disrupt a speech by Darwish. That same year at Boston University, a fire was set in a bathroom right before her speech to scuttle her presentation. Now, as Darwish was set to speak at a Federalist Society event at the George Mason University School of Law, another Muslim Brotherhood organization, CAIR, deployed a slightly more subtle line of attack.
    While Muslim Brotherhood front groups routinely bring extremist speakers to campus, such as Imam Abdel Malik Ali and Norman Finkelstein, CAIR wanted the Federalist Society to provide equal time to a Muslim speaker to “balance” her views. The MSA has never extended such an offer to Jewish student groups, yet the Brotherhood expected it to be granted to them.
    In her speech at George Mason University, Darwish described arriving at her first job in America and seeing a sign that said it did not discriminate. “For the first time in my life, I felt free and equal to men under the law.”
    But the form of discrimination that Darwish escaped in the Middle East is coming to America, and the modern campus is ground zero for its advance, as followers of a racist and sexist ideology use political correctness and intimidation to decide who can and cannot speak.

    Daniel Greenfield has more

  2. Let the muslims walk out. They were free to rebut her comments during question time, but since they have little to say they try to be bullies.

    To the muslims who walked out –
    you have nothing to say and nothing to offer this country. We will not have your bullying sullying our academic halls of excellence. You can either learn to contribute, or you can leave – there is NO other option open to you.

  3. From what I have been reading today, from this article to the one on BNI about Britain supporting Muslims with multiple wives on welfare, I don’t hold muchhope for the future and I am glad I don’t have many years left on this earthly plane.

    I only feel sorry for the young kids who have to grow up in a shithole that is being created by the evil leftist and Islamist asshats.
    “You shall know them by their fruits”. (Jesus – the only true prophet, peace be upon him)

  4. kaw,
    Unfortunately they won’t leave they will have to be ejected. You cannot use respect, or treat these cult followers with dignity when they have no respect for anything than their own twisted beliefs.

    In the near future civilised people are going to faced with a terrible choice. A choice that shouldn’t be entertained in the first place but will be forced upon them by pedoMo’s followers.

    Sad days are coming.

  5. I agree Ironside – and we first need to remove the appeasers who are empowering these islamic thugs.

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