Why Hussein  Obama and Eric Holder Belong in Prison 

Hussein Obama and his leftarded, pro-terrorist Attorney General are accomplices to murder as a result of their Fast & Furious gunrunning operation. Countermoonbat Sheriff Paul Babeu of Pinal County, Arizona makes the case: Gateway Pundit (thanks to Moonbattery)

He Stinks!

New Orleans residents protested in front of a local man’s house Wednesday after he put up several signs in his yard depicting President Barack Obama as a puppet and a crying baby in a diaper, with one city council member even trying to determine whether the signs can forcibly removed.

If you’re not a race-huckster or a thug you’re not a patriot

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Van Jones says those opposed to programs like Solyndra who want to pin the blame square on Obama are “not patriots.”

Speaking of “paying America back,” whatever happened to the $60 BILLION of our money this evil creep was handed by Obama to create mythical green jobs before he had to go under the bus when his radicalism was exposed?

The new civility:

I’d rather eat the real thing:
Wanna get raped?
The Bitter Half
However, the photo does not seem to be authentic. The jewel-bedecked Bitter Half pushing around a Target cart? Please.  Moonbattery

One thought on “Obamerica”

  1. DEMOCRACIES in the Second World War would of never allowed Nazis in SS uniforms, with anti America and Democracy signs, march about without Imprisonment. Presently our Countries manipulated by Leftist POLITICAL CORRECT dogma are so emasculated, that Islamists in their dedicated WAR against all Democracies are protected. BURKAS are the uniform of this perverted Deadly Dogma, and every family which belongs to this clan should be Imprisoned. Jihadists should face a FRING SQUAD at Dawn, since they wish to destroy our Rights and Freedoms, they don’t deserve them.
    GUARDIANS OF DEMOCRACY are listing, all supporting Leftist Government Representatives and Media members Undermining our system , for Punishment.
    Sign the “Ban Islam” petition at: http://www.petitiononline.com/MYSTIC/petition.html


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