Saudi Savages Offer a Million to Kidnap an Israeli Soldier

 Update II

PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas misunderstands his religion; thinks kidnapping is Islamic:

I Will Never Recognize a Jewish State; The Capturing of Israeli Soldier Gilad Shalit Was a Good Thing

MEMRI via TT: 

 Islamic Jihad bombards southern Israel with longer-range Grad rockets

Update I: 

Sowdi Barbarian Princeling Offers a Million to Kidnap an Israeli Soldier

Rest assured that the Mossad had a special meeting about this today…..

  Our peace-partner from Fatah,  the moderate terrorists:

Israeli Airstrike Kills Nine Palestinian Militants ARAB  Rocket Scientists in Gaza

It starts off by telling us that Palestinians Arabs were killed. Only later do we find out that the Pal-Arabs started this round of fighting by firing a rocket into Israel on the 26th, leading to the Israeli air strike that the enemedia describes as the beginning of the fighting.

Egyptian Cleric Lunatic: “Tomorrow we  will destroy Israel and wipe it out of existence”

Egyptian cleric calls for sharia in Egypt

Lets impose the sharia quietly and in secret!  All Power to the Clerics!  

(Another Vlad Tepes tip)

A translated excerpt from a very moving and impassioned speech by Sheikh Umar ibn Abdul Aziz in Egypt, calling for the shariah and moving Egypt and its people to establish the deen of Allah, and to give the revolution real meaning post Mubarak. He exhorts them to fear no one but Allah in doing so, even if America and Israel declare war on Egypt, for the “war against Israel and America” is “better than the war against Allah” by not implementing his deen as the way of life that it is. Given in October 2011.

This khutbah was given at Masjid Nur, Cairo, Egypt.

Afghan Army "trainee" opens fire on his Australian trainers, killing three

 From our ‘Every Afghan ins a Taliban’ series…


The killer was not a trainee. From what I just heard on TV he was already 5 years in the Afghan army. The Aussie military spokesman warned ‘we must not jump to conclusions’ …..

The moral of this story is of course that you never give a savage enemy deadly weapons training and enable them to use them against you. But in a world where we no longer kill our enemies but  submit to their every demands like ‘sensitivity training’ and halal goat-meat cooking classes, in a situation where they shoot our boys and our unelected elites tell us to go on  a wild goose chase for ‘hearts and minds’, you know that we’ve not only lost the war; we lost our  f*#ing minds.

Defence Australia has not confirmed the reports out of Afghanistan.

Herald Sun

The New York Times reports the attack took place in the Nish District of Kandahar Province, at a forward operating base used by Australian troops to train the Afghan National Army.

General Abdul Hameed, the commander of the Afghan National Army’s 205th Corps, said an Afghan Army trainee opened fire on his Australian trainers, killing three of them as well as an Afghan interpreter. At least nine others were wounded, General Hameed said, seven of them Australians.

Earlier NATO said “a man dressed in Afghan army uniform” shot dead two foreign troops in the volatile south of Afghanistan .

“Two International Security Assistance Force service members were killed today in southern Afghanistan when an individual wearing an Afghan National Army uniform apparently turned his weapon on Afghan and coalition forces,” an official statement said.

Zahir Azimi, the spokesman for the Afghan army told German news agency dpa the dead soldiers were Australians.’

The Washington Post also reported the soldiers were Australian.

A total of 29 Australian soldiers have been killed in Afghanistan up until August this year.

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UK: "Jewish Homo Pig" MP has to run and hide from moderate mosqueteers

 ‘Muslim Fanatics Abuse MP at ‘Moderate’ Mosque

British Parliamentarian Mike Freer was forced to hide after members of the Muslims Against Crusades group stormed into a mosque in North London during his visit. The extremists earlier warned politicians that ‘their presence is no longer welcome in any Muslim area’ in London.  The Daily Mail  (GWP)

“Remember what happened to Stephen Timms”

 “Muslims have had enough of freedom and democracy and are fervently working for the implementation of the Shariah.”

“Positive Impact” Watch

Earlier today I posted this:

Tony BLiar  defends opening the door to mass migration and says it had a very “positive impact” on Britain

I guess we need more ‘positive impact’…..
COUNTER terrorism police are investigating a Muslim group after supporters called an MP a “Jewish homo pig”.

Conservative MP Mike Freer:

“I’ve a long record of working with local mosques and this was the second time I’d held a surgery at the North Finchley Mosque, which is very moderate…”

In a statement on its website, they have told every MP to remember what happened to Stephen Timms, the former Labour minister who was stabbed while holding an advice surgery in east London last year.

His Al Qaeda-inspired attacker, Roshonara Choudhry, 22, was sentenced to life imprisonment and a number of other MPs who were on her target list were offered extra police protection.

In other news:

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Muslim Brotherhood Agent Dahlia Mogahed Blocks Obama Meeting With Christian Leader

Middle East church leaders have tried to expose persecution of believers under Islam


Dalia Mogahed

An influential Muslim adviser to the White House who has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood has succeeded in canceling a meeting between President Obama and the leader of the persecuted Maronite church in Lebanon, according to the Beirut news agency el Nashra

The Arabic-language report cited an unnamed U.S. source who said Dahlia Mogahed, “the highest adviser on Arab and Islamic Affairs in the State Department,” sought to block a White House meeting with Patriarch Beshara Rahi, according to a translation by blogger El Cid at

The report said the move heeded a request by top leadership of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt who want the U.S. to back the Islamist Sunni movement opposing Iranian Shiite influence in the region.

Maronites number about 1 million in Lebanon and more than 10 millions worldwide. About 1.5 million are in the U.S.

Along with her role on the White House Advisory Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships, Mogahed is a member of the advisory council of the Department of Homeland Security. She has testified before the Senate on engagement with the Muslim community. She is senior analyst and executive director of the Gallup Center for Muslim Studies, where she led major surveys of Muslims worldwide that routinely concluded the vast majority of Muslims are moderate.

Mogahed was a leading voice in the Leadership Group on U.S.-Muslim Engagement that issued a 153-page advisory report calling for dialogue with Hamas and engagement with opposition parties in Egypt, including the Muslim Brotherhood.

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Islamic Grievance Theater in Berne, Switzerland

No, Muslims are not “the new Jews”

This is a pathetic, despicable attempt  to draw parallels between the treatment of Jews in Nazi Germany and Muslims in the Switzerland of today, many participants will wear t-shirts and stickers with the word ‘Muslim’ framed by a yellow star.   (The Local)

All the while the soldiers of Allah are firing rockets into Israel and their hate spewing imams threaten to wipe out the Jews. And as I’m writing this, Muslim ‘Yoots” stone Catholic festival-goers in France.

The Islamic Central Council of Switzerland (ICCS), a “conservative”  Muslim group, has chosen a symbol reminiscent of the Jewish Star of David for a planned protest against Islamophobia this weekend.

Note how the enemedia perverts the word “conservative”, which implies that  radical Mohammedan headbangers are just like our  conservatives.

Around 2,000 people are expected to participate in the ‘Day against Islamophobia and racism’, a mini-festival organized by ICCS in the capital Bern that will run from 2 to 5pm on Saturday.

Adding to the Jew-hatefest are former British PM Tony Blair’s sister-in-law,  pro-Arab activist Lauren Booth, and Muamer Zukorlc, the mufti of the Islamic Community in Serbia.

Here she is spewing anti-Israel propaganda in Londonistan, “Al Quds Day”

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How Come Our New Peace Partners, The Taliban, Still Hate US?


Isn’t it strange that we give these savages huge amounts of money, built them mosques and madrassas,  allow our soldiers to be  indoctrinated with ‘sensitivity’  and  how to be  good dhimmies, and yet, they still keep blowing us up? Could it be that there is something fundamentally wrong with going to war  against an enemy who’s ideology you’re not allowed to question,  and you’re not there  to conquer because ‘victory’ is such an outdated concept, it might make our enemies to feel bad about themselves……????

Twin suicide attacks hit Afghanistan

 Jihad/martyrdom suicide bomber murders at least 13 Americans

The Taliban has claimed responsibility for a suicide attack that killed at least 17 people after a car rammed into a convoy of foreign troops in Kabul, the Afghan capital.

The attacker was from the Taliban. You know, the group whose leader the Secretary of State just invited to negotiations, saying that his involvement was crucial for the prospects for peace. More fruit of the Obama Administration’s fantasy-based policymaking regarding Islam: “13 Americans Said to Be Among Killed in Kabul Attack,” by Rod Nordland and Sharifullah Sahak for the New York Times, October 29 (thanks to JW):

Robert Spencer:

as I have said many times in the context of many similar incidents in Iraq and Afghanistan, there is no reliable way to distinguish a peaceful Muslim from a jihadist. This is yet more fruit of the unwillingness to make even a cursory attempt to take that fact into account.

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IDF Exports 5 Islamic Jihad Mugs to the Virgins

Islamic Jihad threatens escalation in the next few hours; UPDATE: 1 DEAD

Israel Radio reports (11:00 pm) that Islamic Jihad is threatening that Saturday night’s rocket fire is only the beginning, and that they will escalate in the next few hours. Four Israelis have been hurt thus far, one moderately to seriously, one moderately and two lightly.

Note, five rockets in nine seconds, which is why Iron Dome is ineffective (we saw that during the summer).
There were two rounds of rocket fire. One around 5:00 this afternoon and one around 7:00 this evening.

Twenty rockets have been fired.


As Shy Guy notes in the comments and Israel Radio has just reported, 55-year old Moshe Ami of Ashkelon has died from a shrapnel wound in his midsection, which he sustained while getting out of his car to seek cover when the alarm went off in Ashkelon this evening.  (Carl in J’lem)

IDF Exports 5 Islamic Jihad Mugs to the Virgins

Islamic Jihad vows to “respond” to air raid that killed a top commander and four of its fighters in Rafah.  (AlJizz)

What happened to “Kafir we love death and you love Pepsi Cola….?”

Saudi prince raises offer to kidnap IDF soldier

Earlier this week, I reported on a Saudi cleric who offered a $100,000 reward for kidnapping an IDF soldier. Now, a Saudi prince, Khaled Ibn Talal, has added $900,000 to the offer making it  $1,000,000.

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BLiar Defiant On Islamic Invasion

Daily Mail

Blair defends opening the door to mass migration and says it had a very “positive impact” on Britain

Former PM said it was ‘right’ that the country was made up of different cultures and faiths mixing together.

Trouble is, there’s very little mixing going on and the country slides ever deeper into dhimmitude and debt. 

And his horrible wife lectures Brits on what’s right about Islam:

'It's been a very positive thing': Tony Blair has defended Labour's mass immigration policy, saying it made the country stronger
It’s been a very positive thing’: Tony Blair has defended Labour’s mass immigration policy, saying it made the country “stronger”.No nation in world history has ever become stronger by allowing large numbers of hostile Mohammedans settling behind, what they perceive to be, enemy lines. Tony BLiar is an enemy and a traitor to his country, his fellow men, his culture and civilization.

Tony Blair has defended Labour’s controversial mass immigration policy by claiming that Britain cannot succeed unless it opens its borders to more people from different backgrounds.

Succeed in what?? In  Socialist Engineering?

The former prime minister said it was ‘right’ that the country was made up of different cultures and faiths mixing together.

Mr Blair added that migrants had made Britain ‘stronger’ and said those calling for greater curbs on foreigners entering the country were wrong.

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The Audacity of Insolence


The Audacity of Insolence

The 2012 election must already be fixed. Otherwise, how could the Obama Regime be so brazen in its contempt for us as to spend piles of our money on copies of Obama’s pre-accomplishment memoirs?

The State Department has bought more than $70,000 worth of books authored by President Obama, sending out copies as Christmas gratuities and stocking “key libraries” around the world with “Dreams From My Father” more than a decade after its release.

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Oslo’s Epidemic of Rape

Via the Religion of Peace:

 Norway is paying the price for importing “people who have nothing but contempt for Western culture, who have absolutely no concept of respect for members of religions other than their own, and who do not believe that women should walk alone in public.”

Infidel women are ‘war booty’, but their own women cop it too:

 Bruce Bawer

Back in May it was reported that every rape assault in the city of Oslo in the last five years had been committed by a person with a “non-Western” background – a Norwegian euphemism for Muslim.  Now it turns out that there have already been twice as many rape assaults in Oslo so far this year as there were in all of 2010.   At least one member of Parliament, André Oktay Dahl of the Conservative Party, calls the situation “critical” and is brave enough to acknowledge that many of the perpetrators come from cultures “with a reprehensible attitude toward women.”

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