Sharia Downunder

 Aussies against sharia

THE push to introduce sharia law into Australia by the country’s peak Muslim body is a vindication of Liberal Senator Cory Bernardi, who was vilified last year for warning of creeping infiltration by the Islamic legal system.   We must not bow to a pushy minorityMiranda Devine

 We must not.

GRANTING Australian Muslims recognition on any aspect of sharia law will only serve to widen the divide between Muslims and mainstream Australians and strip Islamic women of the legal rights they have under our democratic system. Sharia will widen divide-- The Australian

 It will? It already does….


We must fight calls for sharia law

We must. But where do you start?

Muslim law ‘fits with Australian culture’

No it doesn’t and it never will.

First Islamic share fund set to launch

…and our politicians are telling us sharia has no place in Australia…?

Muslim women live by own code

Fantasy productions by the enemedia…..

2 thoughts on “Sharia Downunder”

  1. I wish we could somehow show our support to Senator Cory Bernardi- I think he’s been very brave. I wonder though, why is he a Liberal ? I mean ,usually liberals are all for Islamic pollution.
    It’s hard to believe people all over the world are even CONSIDERING Sharia law as acceptable ! What’s happening ? Has “the devil come with the face of God “? Almost seems like it, because people in non-Muslim countries seem to have been put in to a collective trance that keeps them from reasoning.

    I wonder what the latest is about Bernardi and his inviting Geert Wilders to Australia ? I hope he doesn’t back down. Will Wilders visit ? I wonder why Robert is welcome in Australia but Geert is not ? They responded to the idea of his coming there with great fury and you’d think he was another Hitler.

    Should I write to Sen. Bernardi again ?

    1. In Australia, the Liberals are supposed to be the conservatives. The ruling (unelected 3 pound Pom Joooliar Gillard) Labor party got in with the treacherous greens which are die-hard commies and she bought 3 so-called independents, 2 of them unprincipled, corrupt fools and a National party hack who is neither here nor there.

      The Liberals have been more than disappointing when it comes to speaking out against Islamization and lost the plot as far as I’m concerend. The prevailing view seems to be to let the Labor cretins burn themselves and pick up the pieces after the next election.

      Bringing Spencer is a beginning, but its a privately sponsored matter. Bringing Geert Wilders is a whole different matter because he is an elected official of a friendly nation.

      And yes, you should write to encourage Sen. Bernardi, please be polite.


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