The majority of Muslims are peaceful, law-abiding citizens….

Brussels  Freedom Sack Attack

Police assaulted by burqa-wearer’s husband

One officer was injured in the attack and will be off work for three days.

 “Our inspectors wanted to identify her to enable them to draft a crime report.”

“She refused and her husband became aggressive. He said that he would kill anyone that touched his wife. He struck one of the inspectors. The police officer is now unable to work for three days. “ (From Deradactie via Vlad Tepes)

Iran doubles down and blames… the CIA and da Jooozzz!

Iran is doubling down on the conspiracy theories after an al Qaeda magazine blasted Iranian president Mahmoud Adhmadinejad’s 9/11 claims, this time suggesting the true authors of the terror publication — which often instructs readers to murder Americans — are not radical Islamists, but secret agents for the CIA.  (ABC)

Beck Special: See Who Is Pushing Caliphate in America Right Now

For the members of the extremist group Hizb u-Tahrir who run the Khilafah conference, the dream of a caliphate has never appeared closer to reality. Egypt, Libya, and Tunisia are up for grabs. Yemen and Syria could be next. Islamization appears on the rise, and Hizb u-Tahrir is trying to hasten America’s collapse.

From the ashes of western civilization, they plan to bring about a global Muslim caliphate — a system based on Shariah Law.

The Peace of  FRANCE

Riots, Rape & Murder:  WARNING THIS VIDEO CAN SHOCK Marine Le Pen 2012   

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  1. Paris, Thursday: He died under the train when trying to help woman who was harassed in the metro (subway)

    The young man was pushed under the train. His aggressor succeeded in escaping. It’s a man of North African origin, about 25 years old, measuring between 1,75 and 1,80 m (5 ft 7 and 5 ft 9).

    Four Paris policemen committed suicide throughout two hours Thursday 22 September.

  2. Folks – Find the muslim turd that harassed a woman and then, like the coward it is, pushed her rescuer under a train. Fin it and KILL!!! You stinking muslims pigs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

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