Toxic Cocktails and Sudden Glassing Attacks in Bali

Toxic cocktail: Aussie woman’s Bali drink ‘burnt her from the inside out’

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AN Australian woman was flown to Royal Darwin Hospital from Bali in a coma after drinking a toxic cocktail which has killed at least four foreigners.

Jamie Johnston, 25, of Newcastle, is struggling to speak, can barely walk and her legs are severely burnt after drinking a cocktail called jungle juice at a cafe on the island of Lombok, west of Bali.

Ms Johnston slipped into a coma and sustained brain scarring because of lack of oxygen.

“It burnt her from the inside out,” the mother of Ms Johnston’s boyfriend Lyn Tisdell said. (The Herald Sun has more)

Glassing Attack in Bali

BALI police have confirmed that three security guards from the Bounty Discotheque, where former North Melbourne coach Dean Laidley and his family were bashed, are currently in custody.

 A “horrifying” gang attack on his family in the nightclub was most likely a targeted attack.

Laidley was hit over the head with a bottle by security staff and has stitches, his son Kane has a broken jaw, and several other family members have severe facial injuries, including women.

“This wasn’t fighting, we were being beaten to a pulp,” Laidley said.

“What the police are basically telling us is that it’s a setup,” he said.

“Things like this happen a hell of a lot over there. Probably not to this degree but we just found it really strange as a family that the only people who have been hurt in the whole incident were members of our party.”

Up to 10 bouncers set upon up to 12 of Laidley’s family inside the bar.

“We were all on the dancefloor. All of a sudden, the three boys were pulled down and attacked … it was completely unprovoked,” he said.

“When you see family members lying on the ground, face down … it’s pretty horrifying.”

The Herald Sun has more, including the obligatory apologetics:

“You can’t stamp a whole country on the actions of a few, but certainly you need to be very careful.”

‘Tiny minority of excremists, anyone?

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  1. the tragedy here is that the muslium thugs are deliberately destroyng tourism for the non-muslim Balinese. The drinks were deliberately spiked by a muzz, and the attack was either against westerners or the bar-owner – probably both. musim are such gutless scum, and it is amusing to hear their indignant squeals when they are told the truth.

    As regards the bar-brawl – you can see this happening now in some European cities – gangs of muslim “boyz” – their spelling – attacking individuals en masse.

    Lets us hope that the poisoning victims recover.

  2. Having visited Bali for 19 years and having lived here now for over 2 YEARS I can honestly say, Mohammedan Terrorist SCUM atrocities aside, I can honestly say the only violence I have ever witnessed here is drunken Aussies , both men and women, kicking the sh1t out of each other inside and outside Bars in Kuta.
    Those of us who know this keep well clear of Kuta in the evenings and if we want to go for a drink go to Seminyak where the only danger is Aussie and French POOFS hitting on you or to Sanur where all the OAP’s live or maybe Ubud home of the Green NAZIS who THINK they are intellectuals.

  3. Lombok where the POISONING took place of course is a MUSLIM island unlike Bali which is predominantly Hindu. You can tell this by the rubbish clogged drains and streets in Lombok and the totally non artistic look of it. To travel from Bali to Lombok is like going from civilization to the backwoods even the much vaunted Gili Islands, where there are NO DOGS AT ALL because Islam RULES, are just front show, behind the Beach Road the Gilis are just STINKING OPEN RUBBISH TIPS. No dogs but lots of DRUGS of course the Mohammedans know what they like.

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