'Traumatized Afghanistan'- a Big Market For Shrinks!

No shiite.

60 % of Afghans are  traumatized- and there are no psychiatrists to look after them, reports the Neue Zürcher Zeitung.(via PI, in German)  The solution is, of course, to distribute them all over the EUSSR and provide treatment for them here so that our psycho’s don’t need to go there…. after that, there’s another billion needy Muslims  spread around the globe with similar ailments who need our help.

Imagine the job opportunities! The mosques and madrassas we could build for them!

“Fearful Young Afghans”

Afghan asylum-seekers fear return home  (check how many times you can find ‘fear’ and ‘fearful’ in this Al Jizz article. They weren’t fearful to brave the desert, the mountains and the seven seas, but they fear the return home. Shouldn’t they be fearing allah instead?)

2 thoughts on “'Traumatized Afghanistan'- a Big Market For Shrinks!”

  1. Hmm more like traumatised because they can’t have their perverted ways catered to in a civilised country.

    Yes that’s right brave mujahadeen warriors it’s not right to rape little boys.

  2. I thought that the sign of a fugitive was the inability to return to their point of origin.
    This guy admits he went home for a visit, but decided ‘it was too early’ – surely not a political fugitive, possibly just an economical fugitive, or what we normal folks would call a traveller?

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