UK: "Pride of Britain" Muslim is accused of breaking a man's jaw and knocking out two of his teeth in an alleged road rage incident.

 A (Musel-)man who appealed for calm after his son was killed during the August riots has been charged with assault. Tariq Jahan, 47, is accused of breaking a man’s jaw and knocking out two of his teeth in an alleged road rage incident. (Al BeBeeCeera)

 Arab Diplomacy

The Jewish Division of the English Defence League posted Pat Condell’s latest video on its Facebook page today. In response, a certain Falih Husayni posted the following comment:

‘Zionist Scum’—  Read more »

Black Racist

A black Conservative councillor has been suspended from his party after attending a rally organised by the vilified far right English Defence League.  (Daily Mail)

You can’t be conservative and black: 

Under British law, there is nothing to stop councillors switching political allegiances at any point during their terms.   However, he could be prevented from attending Conservative group meetings.

(UK) Black Councillor Called a ‘Racist’ for Attending EDL Rally…

Disenfranchising the British People

European Son has posted an interview with James Cohen, the new head of the Jewish Division. In comparison with his predecessor, Mr. Cohen has a very different view of the role the Jewish Division should play in the EDL.–Read more »

 Lets Call it “Mobel Prize” From Now On

Yemeni Muslim Brotherhood member wins Nobel Peace Prize

AP praises the Yemenite hole: “Nobel Peace Prize goes to women’s rights activists,”

Yemen is an extremely conservative society but a feature of the revolt there has been a prominent role for women who turned out for protests in large numbers….

Remember: for AP, you’re a “conservative” if you want Sharia, and a “conservative” if you oppose Sharia. For the mainstream media, it has come to this level of analysis: you’re a “liberal” if you’re someone they like, and a “conservative” if you’re someone they dislike.

This year’s Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded jointly to three women – Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Liberian Leymah Gbowee and Tawakul Karman of Yemen. (source)

Mohammed vs Mohammed

 Muselman Executes Coreligionist With Zionist Uzi Gun

Mohammed Sabir Aslam, 22, was shot 16 times at point blank range with an Uzi sub-machine gun on Lozells Road.   Mohammed Rafiq, from Kingstanding, carried out a “cool and calculated execution”, Birmingham Crown Court heard.

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6 thoughts on “UK: "Pride of Britain" Muslim is accused of breaking a man's jaw and knocking out two of his teeth in an alleged road rage incident.”

  1. About the father of the slain boy getting into a fight: People in mourning can experience diffulty controling their temper. I lost a family member last year and my temper became quite short for several months. A friend of mine who took the death of her mother very hard actually hit one of her students.

  2. Truthiocity,
    You are probably a parasitic muslim – there is no excuse for what this muslim did – none what so ever. And his idiotic son died because he was stupid enough to stand in front of a speeding car – the occupants were criminals but the brain dead muslims killed themselves – a pity more don’t follow. The person the muslim thug hit was probably older and not a threat – like the son the father is a low grade piece of canine excrement ( I apologise to dogs for an unfair analogy – many muslims are lower than low). We have lost family members, and like the rest of civilised humanity, we felt no need to go beat up on some unfortunate. Your email shows that you are not fit to live in our society – never mind – you will be removed soon enough. Stop making excuses for pathemtic muslim behavior and have the guts to accept responsibility for your abysmal characteristics.

  3. If the police refuse to do their jobs, then they are begging the citizens to do it for them.

  4. Kaw:
    What a truly awful excuse for a human you are! I would call you an animal for your hurtful, heartless and insensitive comments, but even animals are not as vicious and scathing as you, one can only assume you had a harsh, loveless upbringing to make you the vicious and scathing person you are today!
    If you engaged your brain and attempted to read the article, instead of spouting your hateful propaganda and downright lies you would know this “alleged” incident occured on 6th July, which was before his son was killed on 10th August. Innocent until proven guilty!
    Your claim that the alleged victim was “probably older and not a threat” is a baseless and senseless assumption, and shows you up for the uneducated and ignorant person you are.
    For your information the huge majority of road rage incidents or assaults occur between physically able, working age people. I have not heard of one incident where an older person had their teeth knocked out in a road rage incident?!
    Your horrific comments disparaging a grieving father who has lost a son in horrific circumstances, and a hard-working son who had a bright future ahead of him, are truly heartless. I doubt you would show as much dignity and courage if your son/daughter was taken in such a way.
    For your information he was not standing in the road, he was on the pavement with everyone-else, and the car was deliberately driven at the crowd, and mounted the pavement, consequently taking 3 lives…I suppose that was his fault for standing on the pavement?!
    Grief is a very complex process. Losing a child or any family member suddenly affects even the most hardened individuals, it can change your whole life, and is not something you just get over. As I said before the alleged incident occured before Mr Jahan’s son was killed, so he did not “beat up on some unfortunate” because of this.
    Lastly, I don’t see how him being a muslim affects anything. Would it be different for a white man, black man, christian or sikh to lose their child, and then have their past misdemeanors dredged up whilst also grieving. I’m sure you’ve never done anything wrong(!)
    Frankly, it is a very unjust and cruel world that takes innocent lives like this, (which affected thousands of people who turned up for the funerals), whilst such a cruel and despicable being such as yourself is allowed the gift of life. I hope you don’t lose a loved one in such circumstances, because you there won’t be enough people to mourn your demise as it is!

  5. You are an ignorant and stupid muslima Salma.

    It is just unfortunate that most of you cannot be sent the same way as the three muslim thugs who stood in front of a car thinking their moon god would protect them. I am reasonably certain that the three of them were deliberately standing in front of the speeding vehicle – you morononic muslims lie so often that the concept of truth is lost upon you. You may not be aware of older people having been assaulted by younger peope as a consequence of an inability to deal with driving conditions, but you are ill informed. There are several cases – your lack of knowledge does not stand as any measure of evidence that these attacks have not happened. They have – try and inform yourself. As for the muslim parasite that likes punching people – yes – as I said he would now be feeding worms if he tried it on any one I know. We have lost people (through actions of you scum-bag muslim parasites) and we NEVER used the murders to try and achieve pollitical points, which this muslim parasite certainly did!! Also check your time lines – the parasite made his utterences after his spawn had been sent to the used camel lot. As noted earlier there are several incidents of where older people have been assaulted as a direct consequence of road rage – where do you get your facts – try a better source than the quran. Actually there are at least three incidents I know of where a pathetic muslim driver has murdered someone because he couldn’t handle the road conditions. I have actually seen three hijabed cows almost run a person over in London while driving the wrong way up a one-way street. It would be funny if these three cows were not such pathetic examples of humankind as deduced by their cowardly reactions when asked to explain their driving. Another demonstration of a key muslim characteristic – an inability to accept responsibility for what they do. Being a muslim should not influence the discussion, however as all observations show being a muslim means that you are more likely to be a violent stupid thug, being muslim does play a significant role. This incidentally, is deduced from observations of general muslim behavior, in all countries in which they are attempting to gain significant footholds. I suppose that the fact that all women who were raped in Norway and Denmark over the past 2 years (perhaps 3 – data not clear here and you can dig you the sources yourself) were raped by muslims is a coincidence (extreme sarcasm here). The same trends are seen all over Europe and in Oceana. How about the young boy who was beaten to death in the UK some three years ago by a group of racist muslim thugs – you were rather silent on that one were you not?? There are several European cities (as well as in the UK) with no-go zones for non-muslims imposed on them due to the abysmal and violent behavior of muslims in these areas and due to the fact that people accepted dishonest platitudes from muslims like you assuring them that all is ok. In fact you do not appear to have not made any comment about the atrocious behaviour of the muslim ummah to others, particularly in a country in which you were allowed to live. As for the numbers who turned up for the funeral – not quite as many as you and the liberal media claim – they were trying to bring a fractured community together and I suspect that many could not give a damn for the three dead muslim thugs. But here is the catch – these people respected all lives. If three christians were murdered in a muslim country very few muslims would turn up to pay respects. This happens quite often, actually, in Pakistan, where you muslims are hell-bent on eradicating the Sheiks, Hindus, Buddhists, Zorastrians, and Christians. I have not seen you comment on the genocide being commited by muslims on non-muslims in Pakistan, Sudan, Chechyna, Southern Thailand, Phillipines, and the Middlle East. Incidentally, analysis suggests that the damage incurred on English society is due to imposed changes on its structure undertaken to try and assist you muslims to integrate (an attempt that has failed miserably).

    On a personal note your insults are mildly amusing and childish. Do yourself a favour and count to ten, then go to your bathroom and scream. You are of absolutely no concern to the world whatsoever.
    On a more practical note it would be more unfortunate if people dervered violent death, however it happens. The 3000+ , 50+, 200+, 1000+ murdered by muslims in NYC,London,Madrid and Russia didnt deserve to die, not the least because they were not stupid enough to stand in front of a car driven by panicking theives. And their relatives then did not take opportunities to assault others (as note most likely vunerable) in order to fell like men. You have two choices – you can either start to think very deeply about why many people are deeply angry with your (muslim) behavior and you can go to the mosque and rant like a retarded rat – your choice. Here you are given the freedom to make a choice for which you will be held accountable. You have brought a significant problem and we now have to resolve it before the futures of our children are destroyed – we would be less than kind if we did not give you a chance to ammend your behavior.

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