Cultural Suicide Watch

Jamie Glazov and Michael Coren discuss the Leftist/Islamic supremacist assault on the West

Jamie Glazov, editor of FrontPage Magazine, joins Michael Coren on Coren’s superb Sun TV show for a wide-ranging interview on the foremost enemies of Western values and Judeo-Christian civilization today. (Thanks to JW)

Thorbjørn Jagland spells ‘fact’ with ‘u’

‘Move from emotion to facts’–  … except for the inconvenient ones:

In a speech at Leiden University Thorbjørn Jagland, Secretary General of the Council of Europe, called for the debate on immigration in Europe to move from emotion to facts.  Jagland didn’t shy away from bringing up unsettling facts. And then swiftly moved from facts to opinion:   (Islam in Europe)

Sweden submits a little more:

Sweden: Muslims to get funds from ‘church tax’

The Bosnian Islamic Society (BIS) is the first Muslim community to get reimbursements back from the church tax, similarly to the Church of Sweden, following a government decision Thursday.


 Behind the bush in Buffalo

Somali who had no right to be in UK scarred woman for life in terrifying sexual attack

Like a Boomerang:


AN illegal immigrant who murdered his ex-girlfriend by pushing her off a bridge into a busy road smuggled himself back to the UK in a lorry after being deported three times. (Vlad)

No wonder they keep coming back:

Stowaway illegal immigrant who committed 20 offences is awarded £17,000 compensation after being ‘unlawfully’ jailed for four months 

Judge Stephen Stewart QC concluded that 28-year-old Joseph Mjemer – who had used at least five aliases and claimed to be from four different countries – should be freed and paid damages by the Home Office for ‘loss of liberty’.

The defendant who sat in court behind lawyers, told him: ‘Thank you very much’. (Vlad)

An Indonesian teacher in South Sulawesi has been arrested for allegedly forcing at least six of his students, all aged just eight years of age, to perform oral sex on him, police in South Sulawesi alleged on Thursday.

 “Asians” again; probably Japanese:

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  1. Several of these these reports had me stomping around my apartment in anger. The duplicity of extreme left wing judges is amazing in many of these cases. Just like Chrissie Hyndes years ago declaring “I hope the Muslims win!” Chrissie= Female Infidel Musician. Totally oblivious as to what would happen to her under Sharia. But The “Behind A Bush In Buffalo” caption made my day. Never Surrender.

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