Diversity is for Suckers, sez King of Morocco

Remember that the next time the multiculti nutroots try to make you drink the kool aid and do the kumbaya routine:

Moroccan King: Diversity, No Thanks

 Posted by Cheradenine Zakalwe

 Mohammed VI, King of Morocco

His Majesty Mohammed VI, King of Morocco, gave this speech in 2003, but it’s worth recalling in light of some of the recent denunciations of “Islamophobia” in Europe that have been made by Islamic governments.

Fourteen centuries ago, indeed, the Moroccans decided to adopt Islam because it is the religion of the just middle. It is based on tolerance, honours the dignity of man, preaches co-existence and rejects aggression, extremism and the quest for power by means of religion.

…Is there any need therefore for the Moroccan people, strong in the unity of their religious rite and the authenticity of their civilisation, to import cultural rites that are foreign to their traditions?

We will not tolerate it, all the more so because these doctrines are incompatible with the specific Moroccan identity. Those we see promoting a rite that is foreign to our people we will oppose with the vigour that is required of those whose duty it is to stand guard over the preservation of unity of worship among Moroccans, thus re-affirming our intention of defending our choice of the Malikite rite, while respecting those of others, each people having their own particularities and their own choices.

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  1. Once again the filthy kuffar are held to a higher standard of political correctness. Wouldn’t it be great if Queen Lizzie II stood up and banned islam and its’ followers from any Commonwealth country.
    He looks creepy but then so do most muslim males

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