“I am afraid that God has sent these men to lay waste the world”.

 Gregory Palamus of Thessalonica, 1354: while negotiating the surrender of Alexandria to the Muslims.


Pyramids Close as Egyptians Spooked by Magic Friday’…

Egyptian Great Pyramid Closes After Rumors of 11/11/11 Spiritual Rituals  – “Everything is normal.”Read More »

Raymond Ibrahim:

According to the Associated Press, “Egypt’s antiquities authority closed the largest of the Giza pyramids Friday following rumors that groups would try to hold spiritual ceremonies on the site at 11:11 A.M. on Nov. 11, 2011…. The closure follows a string of unconfirmed reports in local media that unidentified groups would try to hold ‘Jewish’ or ‘Masonic’ rites on the site to take advantage of mysterious powers coming from the pyramid on the rare date.”

Considering that Jews are at the heart of all conspiracy theories in the Muslim world—including though the use of bewitched animals—this is not surprising: authorities have accused Jews and Israel of using rats, pigeons, vultures, pigs, squirrels, ad infinitum as subversive agents against Muslim nations.

After a string of shark attacks in Egypt last year, for instance, an official suggested Israel might be responsible for “throwing the deadly shark (in the sea) to hit tourism in Egypt.”

Not that it matters much now, since Dr. Muhammad Salim al-Awwa just declared on the air that “Egypt has left the international map of tourist destinations this month,” thanks no doubt to its increasing reputation as a land, not of pyramids and pharaohs, but jihadi violence and religious persecution.


Egypt: Women Herded and Tied Like Camels?

The above picture, taken at a recent protest in Egypt, has been making the rounds on various Arabic websites. Note the rope around the women, herding them like camels; note the man to the right holding the leash, walking them. I am told this is a common “precautionary measure” to keep women from mixing with men during protests.

Considering that certain Islamic texts describe females as “she-camels in heat,” or that it is traditional for some men to divorce their wives by saying “you are given free rein and unloosed like that camel,” or that Muslims are thought to have a mind-frame rooted in sand, camels, and ropes—this measure must surely seem natural.

At any rate, to those who think that history must always progress, take note: fifty years ago, the overwhelming majority of women in Egypt wore dresses, hair uncovered, and would never have condescended to being walked on a leash.

Such is “progress”—“Arab Spring” style.

Islamists Take Over Egypt

Library of Alexandria to Be Burned Again; Food for Half-Price

Khaled Abu Thoameh

The Royal Library of Alexandria in Egypt, the largest and most significant library of the ancient world, is now being targeted by radical Muslims who seek to replace it with a mosque.

Radical Islamic groups claim that the library’s art programs, which include music and ballet dancing, spread “depravity” in Egyptian society.

The Islamist campaign against the library is taking place under the looking eyes of Egypt’s military dictators, who are burying their heads in the sand and refusing to see the danger, noted columnist Mohammed al-Hamamsi.

“Is the Supreme Military Council waiting until the Islamists come to power and demand, through their parliament, that the library be demolished and that a mosque be built on its site?” al-Hamamsi asked rhetorically.

The destruction of the library will mark the beginning of Egypt’s fall into the hands of the Islamists, who seek to take the Arabs and Muslims back to dark ages.

Fears over the fate of the legendary library surfaced following a dispute between the director and the majority of his workers.

Director Ismail Serageldin has been under fire for his alleged affiliation with the former regime of President Hosni Mubarak and crackdown on freedom of speech in the library.

But he and many Egyptians are convinced that the campaign is part of a scheme by Muslim extremists to take control over one of the world’s most important cultural and scientific institutions.

The campaign against the library is taking place on the eve of the first parliamentary election in the post-Mubarak era.

For the first time, the Muslim Brotherhood and other fundamentalist groups are contesting the elections, scheduled for November 28.

Arab journalists report that Alexandria, the second-largest city of Egypt with a population of more than four million, now appears to be under the full control of Muslim extremists.

Khaled al-Shami, a correspondent for the London-based Al-Quds Al-Arabi newspaper, said that visitors to the city could no longer ignore the “social, political and physical changes” that have taken place, first and foremost the large number of women covering their faces with the niqab [full head covering, not just the headscarf, hijab] and men wearing beards.

According to the Egyptian newspaper Al-Ahram, “The Brotherhood have spent the last few months mobilizing their half-million plus members for intense electoral campaigns up and down the Nile river, which the group hopes will deliver it 40% of the seats in Parliament.”

The paper pointed out that the Islamists have been “wooing voters not only with their trademark slogan of “Islam is the solution,” but also with the tangibles of meat and vegetables that they sell to poor Egyptians at half the market prices.”

The paper also found that in the months since the fall of Mubarak, “Brotherhood-friendly preachers have made their way back into some strategic mosques, using the podiums to recruit new converts and give confidence to hard-core supporters.”

Needless to say, the majority of the mosque sermons focus on the need to “defend Islam against Jews, Christian crusaders and Western colonialism.”

In simple words, the message coming out of Egypt’s Islamists is that Israel, the US and the entire West remain the number one enemy of Muslims.

Egypt: Proposed “common law” on building of mosques and churches remains problematic

One of the hallmarks of “moderate” Muslim nations here of late is legislation that allows for the enforcement of Sharia in practice without the liability of spelling it out and risking bad publicity, the loss of aid, and so forth. Examples include the “wealth tax” on non-Muslims in Turkey, laws on the building of churches in Indonesia,Algeria, and Egypt’s current proposed law.

Indeed, little seems to have changed on Egypt’s proposed law since Coptic, Anglican, and Catholic leaders denounced it in June. The law would only decentralize the bureaucracy and make accountability more difficult, while relying on an Indonesia-style “permit” system that leaves Christians at the mercy of the Muslim majority for permission. In practice, it is but a repackaging of Sharia’s traditional prohibition on the building or repair of non-Muslim houses of worship under Islamic rule.

“Common law for Copts and Muslims on construction of religious buildings,” fromAsiaNews, November 9:


Egypt bars Dutch MP for “racism 

Egypt has refused entry to a Dutch MP, a member of the “far-right” Party for Freedom (PVV), for what it termed racist comments and hostility to Egypt’s government, the foreign ministry said on Thursday.

Cairo’s rejection of Raymond De Roon resulted in an eight-member delegation of the Dutch Foreign Commission, which included the MP, cancelling its visit on Wednesday.

“They are of the opinion if one delegate cannot go, none of them should go,” Dutch parliamentary spokesman David van der Houwen told AFP.

Telling the truth about the continuing oppression and genocide on the Christian Copts is “racism”:

Egypt’s foreign ministry spokesman Amr Roshdi said: “Mr De Roon recently told the Dutch parliament that Egypt practised ethnic cleansing, describing its government as a dictatorship. These statements constitute incitement to racism, punished by national and international law, and a legal foundation sufficient not to grant him a visa.”

De Roon, 59, made his comment after a demonstration by Coptic Christians on October 9 in Cairo which degenerated into a confrontation with the military and security forces, causing 25 deaths, the Dutch parliamentary spokesman said.

Dutch Foreign Minister Uri Rosenthal said in a statement he “can fully understand why the committee came to the decision” to cancel the trip, adding that “De Roon used his democratic right as an MP to voice an opinion.”

The PVV party of Geert Wilders, with 24 seats of the 150 in the lower house of parliament, opposes what it calls the “Islamisation” of the Netherlands. It lends its support to a centre-right coalition in the parliament.

It gets crazier by the minute:

Raymond already posted here about the crowning absurdity of the closure of the Great Pyramid for any potential 11/11/11 observances: the allegations that Jews, Masons, or “Jewish Masons” (Jackie Mason?) planned some sort of ritual. More on this round of conspiracy paranoia and accompanying denials follow in two reports below.

“Egypt closes Great Pyramid after rumors of rituals,” by Ben Hubbard for the Associated Press, November 11:

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