9 thoughts on “Friday Night Fan Mail”

  1. “allahn? WTF is allahn?”

    The Muslim means al-Lah (or so-called “Allah”)

    (video) The REAL name of Allah is “Lah” (Al lah = The Lah … like al-Islam, al-barzakh, al-Qur’an, …)

  2. I wish you all the soul of a dog. A dog is loyal to its friends even unto death, a dog will defend his people and territory against all odds. A dog has a very quick and effective way of dealing with asylum seekers, refugees and unwelcome immigrants. A dog does not care to whom or how your pray, most dogs consider it rather silly but will go along with you for the sake of friendship. A dog does not care much if it is halal or haram, does it taste good is the only criteria. I have just conducted a quick survey of my neighbourhood, not only would 100% of all respondents rather own a dog than a Muslim, the same number would prefer a a vet’s clinic to a mosque in the area.

  3. Filthy koranimal must have gotten his hoofs on a Kafir-created computer.

    In no time at all, it will realize that islam is a lie.

  4. This idiot babbles on about understanding the universe,Islam makes up facts without any empirical evidence,no historical verification or archeological evidence.Must Muslims believe in an ever changing dogma and are so insecure in their faith they force conversions,kill anyone who questions them and are generally at odds with the world of commonsense,its a wonder Abdul was able to plug his P.C in.

  5. Serious question from a semi-luddite: Having his ISP address, could one find out who is behind this, or other, more explicit threats? We might be surprised – perhaps some of the roads might lead to whoknowswhere, even Canberra? The speech pattern in this one seems a little contrived, the passage of “correct” english is too long.

  6. Is it Al-Lat?

    Wasn’t that one of the daughters of the sun and moon,
    a Pre-Islamic Arabian goddess who was one of the three chief goddesses of Mecca?
    Allat is an alternative name of the Mesopotamian goddess of the underworld. Perhaps that is what he meant?

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